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A personal response Thomas Kinsella

Thomas Kinsella is a poet that is very aware of transience. He also shows me through his poetry that the things we remember as children take on a different meaning when we are older and also that when someone passes away, we also look at the memories of that personRead More

Crabbed Age and Youth, Poem Summary

Crabbed Age and Youth Summary Crabbed Age and Youth’ is quite a self-explanatory poem. You wouldn’t really have to delve into the poem too much to discover that it’s about a person who despises the effects of aging, and as a consequence praises the youths. I would like to mentionRead More

Poet Olivia Cole

Poet Olivia Cole considers this last line of Farther to be ‘weak’, and that it ‘doesn’t earn its place.’ This is a tendentious comment however, as one might argue that Sheers is effective in unveiling the tragic note beneath the lyrical and pastoral influences in his writing. It is clearRead More

Essays on Modern Women Poets

Duffy’s feminist style of writing criticises the man as selfish and greedy, a common theme echoed throughout The World’s Wife. “Duffy’s women monologists are frequently powerful, vengeful women whose assertiveness, violence and aggression parodies stereotypes of male behaviour” (Jones, 2005: 158) In contrast to Duffy’s male criticism, Jones believes sheRead More

Idyllic childhood

The rebuttal is that books and reading aren’t a requirement for learning and fulfillment, as also seen in Lines, the poet encouraging his sister to “bring no book”, the implication being a closeness with nature provides whatever intellectual stimulation a man needs. Indeed, The Nightingale goes as far as toRead More

Heaney and two poets

Right from the beginning of “Ulysses”, Tennyson introduces the well-known mythical character of Ulysses to the reader to give them an introduction to the character. In “The Village Schoolmaster” by Goldsmith, “Catrin” by Clarke and “Follower” by Heaney the theme of individuals is used, but it is expressed using differentRead More

Donne and John Donnes poetry

Religious or not, everyone at some point in time has wondered to themselves, what happens after we die? What can we do in our current life, to be safe from any dangers after we die? John Donne’s poetry has covered and pored over the themes of humanity, salvation and redemption,Read More

Postmodern women poets and their influences

The spread of new ideas after World War II helped shape postmodern poetry that can be differentiated from modernist poetry by its focus on minimalist and conceptualist approaches. In all art, the “postmodern” began with the rise in mass communications and related developments in advertising related to consumerism. Literature wasRead More

American poetry

“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked” The opening line of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl (1955) is perhaps the most famous opening line in 20th century American poetry. Ginsberg’s evocation of a world dominated by fear and madness as well as longing and aRead More

The Poetry of Sylvia Plath

Death is a common theme in literature and each writer has his/her own specific approach to the subject; approaches range from the very mundane to the more complex, as in the works of Christina Georgina Rossetti and Edgar Allan Poe. To note, however, is the unorthodox approach of the poetessRead More


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