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The Four Seasons

Look at the structure of each poem as well as its use of language, and show how the poems not only describe the seasons but also convey its mood. As you write indicate your response to the words and ideas in the poems, and at the end say which poemRead More

How does Chaucer’s portrait of Alison add to the interest of the poem?

Chaucer makes his characters look fools to add to the comedy element. Another case of the fool would be Absolon. The same idea of unrequited love comes across, but this time the comedy is not in him not knowing, but because he simply will not give in. He is veryRead More

The poem Ithaca

One of the most important messages expressed in the poem is that the Journey is the important part, therefore it does not matter if the goal is achieved but it matters that something is learnt on the journey to achieve it. One of the joys mentioned in the poem isRead More

The parent/child relationship

The parent/child relationship in this poem is shown to be of a nature where the children want to obtain their freedom and independence from their mother and father but are halted from proceeding as they have to accompany their mother as she has herself not progressed into the characteristics ofRead More

The poems nothings changed

I think that the poem is very effective, with lots of hidden meaning. It is shows the writers feelings clearly and truth about apartheid. “Not my business”, written by Niyi Osundare, is based on a famous poem written by Pastor Martian Niemoller in the 1930s to oppose Nazism called “firstRead More

Night of the Scorpion and Vultures Poem Comparison

The two poems ‘Night of the Scorpion’ and ‘Vultures’ are both similar in several ways but the most obvious similarity is that both poems involve animals. Both poems also involve evil and love, ‘Night of the Scorpion’ talking about the evil of a scorpion’s sting and a mother’s love andRead More

Literature Poem Analysis

It is also evident that the speaker lives a life of regrets. Throughout the poem, there are constant notions of regret through the phrases such as “if only” and “meant to”. It can be inferred that the speaker was dissatisfied and unhappy with his stature, although he had lived upRead More

The poem ‘Half-past Two’

The poem ‘Half-past Two’ is written from a child’s point of view, and serves to identify the problems that could occur when a child is faced with an authoritative adult. The impact of the teacher’s behaviour on the child is frequently emphasized, either by the use of italics or capitals.Read More

The White Devil

In act 2, playwright John Webster uses a framed narrative to portray the deaths of Isabella and Camillo, creating a psychological horror rather than a graphical one. Through the use of a conjuror, Webster manages to show deaths via ‘sophistic tricks’ from the ‘nigromancer’. By using this character as anotherRead More

Heathcliff and Edgar

In the novel, if Heathcliff is to be considered the primary protagonist, then Edgar is the primary antagonist. Heathcliff’s greatest desire is Catherine and the main obstacle that stands in his way is Edgar who, with his greater wealth and higher social status manages to keep her out of hisRead More