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The poem ‘Extenuating Circumstances’

Krog’s use of imagery throughout this poem conveys her message with emphasis. For example, when she mentions how ‘every word stubbornly’ (1) tilts into writing, the personification there could be interpreted to say that her writing has a mind of its own and how they don’t want to be onlyRead More

Poem convey their thoughts and feelings

We have been studying two poems from two different cultures, they are ‘Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan’ and ‘Search for my tongue’. Both poems explore and explain the fact of coping with two unlike cultures. We will be looking at how each poet conveys their thoughts and feelings about theirRead More

The Eve of St Agnes & Romantic poem

Her hair is shining like a halo and the use of “angle” suggests she is a God-like, beautiful creature, too pretty for this world. The romantic setting has a magical charm “’twas midnight charm. ” Midnight was always thought to be the witching hour, when all spirits were out. ThisRead More

Poetic devices

“Long Distance 2” has a very different structure, but has a similar irregularity of rhythm in the last verse. There are 4 verses and 4 lines in each verse, and 10-11 syllables in each line, which creates more regularity than the rhythm and structure of “Bookends”. I think this isRead More

The first line of the poem

The authors to show their feelings towards God and life through the language used. Keats uses words such as “gleaner”, “dies” and “maturing”. These all speak of the end of things, life. ‘Gleaner’ has a long vowel sound, with shows that Keats’ life has passed slowly, and is now comingRead More

My Last Duchess

The poem also shows us how he uses a sinister edge to many of his words, this is shown throughout the poem and is best shown when he is talking about his ex-wife. An example of this is when he is talking about the things about her that disgusted him,Read More

The Hands & Old Stephen

Stephen represents the “Hands”, and is supposed to seem typical in some respects and not in others. His dignity, patience and courtesy are all qualities that Dickens reported finding among the Preston strikers during his visit there in January 1854. He shares these qualities with the resolute Rachael, and dependsRead More

Eerie music to the poem

Nostalgia is a universal theme for all world poets. Through my essay I attempt to explore three poems about nostalgia by three different poets. Theses three poems are “Half Past Two” by U. A. Fanthorpe, “An Unknown Girl” by Moniza Alvi and “Piano” by D. H. Lawrence. The first poemRead More

An Arundel Tomb

A poem in which the poet explores the significance of the passage of time is An Arundel Tomb by Philip Larkin. Larkin uses techniques such as, imagery and word choice to achieve this. Immediately, the title of the poem makes the reader consider the importance of the theme of time.Read More

The Four Seasons

Look at the structure of each poem as well as its use of language, and show how the poems not only describe the seasons but also convey its mood. As you write indicate your response to the words and ideas in the poems, and at the end say which poemRead More


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