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Although Look Back in Anger is not termed an absurd play like Waiting for Godot it does contain some conventions of an absurd play. When the curtain opened to an ‘unfamiliar scene of cramped, suburban shabbiness, with Alison Porter performing the most mundane of task-the ironing’, it provided the firstRead More

CVD oxide layer

In a perfect etch using a wet etchant, with no overetching or underetching, the time required to complete the etching process is exactly the time required for the etchant to etch to the oxide-substrate interface. Therefore, in a perfect etch, the etching process would have ended at the exact momentRead More

The play Julius Caesar

Now not all of my classes were like this. Most of my classes were just classes the teachers were not quite as effective as I would have liked. They taught me what I had to know and had some variety to their lessons. But they did their job and thatRead More

Bassanio`s request of Antonio

We can interpret much about Portia from what Bassanio says. He brings in mention of Roman history when he says, “her name is Portia, nothing undervalued To Cato’s daughter, Brutus’ Portia. ” This is very revealing as to the character of Portia. The reason I say this is because theRead More

Richard manages to win Anne

Things however take a turn of events as Richard goes onto to say a short soliloquy of his past childhood experiences as well as his father. Instead of responding like we may had thought she may have, Anne just shows a scornful face which Richard then goes onto comment onRead More

Understanding of the play

Show how the production of ‘An Inspector Calls’ enhanced the script and furthered your understanding of the play. Refer to themes and characters in your analysis. The play ‘An Inspector Calls’ has been performed in a variety of ways since it was written in 1944 and first performed in 1946 atRead More

Direct the action of the play

Priestley used the inspector as a mouthpiece for his own views. He was a crucial character and the play revolved around key moments and speeches given by him. I believe that the inspector was partially created not only to voice Priestley’s view but also to support Ouspensky’s theory. Ouspensky wasRead More

Direct the action of the play

During the production of “An Inspector Calls” by J. B Priestley, a theatre critic commented “Priestley’s play is unusual in that a character, the inspector, could be said to direct the action of the play.” The Birling family are astounded by the rude and insolent manner of one Inspector Goole,Read More

The play Richard III

As soon as the play begins, Richard begins his role as an actor, a fully evil actor who though his mastery of the stage has come to appreciate his own skill. Richard has a strenuous need to perform, and desperately wants to play a role. Therefore I don’t think weRead More

Evil character

However, this demonstrates an appropriate ending, as it reveals the character traits of Prospero, which make him a good leader. For example, the fact that Prospero does not want revenge, is a good leadership skill, and that he can forgive without having to be apologised to, “I do forgive thee,Read More


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