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People and Skills

Customers are important because they are the ones who are going to buy the products and people open shops because they want money and want to make profit so if you have no customer, that is mean no profit Cost of the premises is important because it is a soleRead More

Stunning patterns

Group discussions: Meetings will be arranged and all members of the group will be expected to attend, all matters of importance to the group will then be talked about, the group will then together come to an agreement or a decision about the topic in discussion. What are each person’s responsibilities? Administration.Read More

Advantage or disadvantage for young people

Ever since the computer cam into public circulation and anyone anywhere was able to access the internet, parents, teachers and scientists have asked, surveyed and studied whether or not computers are good for the younger generations, there are a number of pros and cons surrounding the matter and each hasRead More

Young people who like to have fun

Media has come to mean very different things to our society. For example, the importance of media in our life is that it communicates various ideas and helps us make decisions. Media influence us because of how things may look or sound. These holiday brochures have used different useful devicesRead More

Observation of people obeying temporary signs

Milgram’s work showed that when people are put in a situation where they have to obey orders given by an authority figure, they will do so, even if the task goes against their ethical beliefs. I wanted to observe the obedience of pupils when reading an order on a signRead More

Why People Have Sex

Sex has been part of the emerging societal norms. In fact, it is one of the oldest activities that have been utilized by man’s intrinsic behavior. As implied in the popularly known saying that man is from Mars and woman is from Venus, the statement mainly depicts an argument ofRead More

Why it Bugs me to Eat with Cheap People

Eating out, it’s the world’s most favorite past time. I, for one, enjoy it a lot, especially when I eat out with people who are more than willing to shell out a few extra bucks just to enjoy the pleasures of eating out. What irritates me is sometimes I chanceRead More