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Wanna be like you

The director uses many camera techniques in “Wanna be like you”. When the son goes to meet his father in prison the camera fades from the son to the bad guy and then back to the son. This shows that something is going to happen or they have planned something.Read More

Heat Electric

In the first of the three a tortoise is speaking in a messy house about his ‘busy’ life. He has a Yorkshire accent. This creates juxtaposition as tortoises are seen as slow animals, however, the tortoise in the advert claims have just been out for a run. The advert is humorousRead More

Giving people a displacement activity

Aim: To see whether giving people a displacement activity before recalling the words would affect the number of the last five words in a list of words that are remembered. Hypothesis Alternative (Ha): People who recall words in a list with the displacement activity are less likely to recall theRead More

Attractive and unattractive people

Design- The Independent Variable (IV) is whether participants are presented with the picture of the ‘attractive’ person or the ‘unattractive’ person before being asked to rate them on 5 different personality traits. The Dependent Variable (DV) is the overall rating by the participants given to the pictures. Participants were askedRead More

Is perception innate?

Bower suggested that if they were surprised that there was no cube there then obviously they could not tell that there is any difference so could obviously see the depth cues. So this suggests that since they are of such a young age and would not have had enough timeRead More

People in the streets

The Friar’s vocation is likened to him being the ‘best beggere in his hous’ and with ‘Noon of his bretheren can ther in his haunts’ which makes the Frair’s begging for money sound like a business where trickery, tactics and a smooth tongue i.e ‘daliaunce and fair language’ is everything.Read More

People and Skills

Customers are important because they are the ones who are going to buy the products and people open shops because they want money and want to make profit so if you have no customer, that is mean no profit Cost of the premises is important because it is a soleRead More

Stunning patterns

Group discussions: Meetings will be arranged and all members of the group will be expected to attend, all matters of importance to the group will then be talked about, the group will then together come to an agreement or a decision about the topic in discussion. What are each person’s responsibilities? Administration.Read More

Advantage or disadvantage for young people

Ever since the computer cam into public circulation and anyone anywhere was able to access the internet, parents, teachers and scientists have asked, surveyed and studied whether or not computers are good for the younger generations, there are a number of pros and cons surrounding the matter and each hasRead More

Young people who like to have fun

Media has come to mean very different things to our society. For example, the importance of media in our life is that it communicates various ideas and helps us make decisions. Media influence us because of how things may look or sound. These holiday brochures have used different useful devicesRead More