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Managing and Leading People

Talent management can be seen as a young person’s domain, with advice and assessment reserved for up and coming employees at the expense of more experienced staff. (People Management Magazine 29 November 2007). However, this can be argued and can fall into a trap which some employers believe an employeeRead More

Does Peoples Estimation Of Time Improve With Age?

As the task above states, I will be looking at how certain populations perceive time, in this case 30 seconds. For this project I will be looking at data from the age range 15-18. It would be appropriate for this mathematical project to get data from every person in everyRead More

Professional people

In this piece of coursework, I will be looking at the similarities and differences between jobs and pay that effect the young and old, and between men and women. I will also be looking at other aspects which could affect people’s Work and Pay, or might be caused by it.Read More

People are more than just Pots

What is Lapita? This question, as many have noted, continuing to stimulate debate amongst those who are interested in the archaeology of Oceania. Although this student is not qualified to discuss many of the issues raised (particularly linguistics), an attempt will be made to address this question. There is noRead More

International Analysis of Young People

Using examples taken from at least two of the research papers you have read in EK310 so far, discuss the main differences between qualitative and quantitative research. Over the next few paragraphs I shall be exploring the main differences between qualitative and quantitative research. I will provide a full description ofRead More

Generalization and application

The table shows the correct answers gained from both groups of people on the Asian tsunami. It shows that the Asians have a lot more correct answers than the non-Asians. This shows that Asian people knew a lot more about the Asian tsunami than non-Asian people. From the results there seemsRead More

Judgements about other people

In this assignment I am going to look on what aspects of perception affect our observations and judgements about other people. Each individual have a similar nervous system and share more or less common sensory equipment. However people have different social and physical backgrounds, which give them different values, interestsRead More

Prefect and the duties

I have chosen to do my piece of coursework on the school based activity of being a prefect and the duties that come with it. I chose to do this activity because its something I know will eventually make a difference to the school itself, be it little or big,Read More

Influence of advertising on me and other people

Advertising today has a lot to do with almost everything in my life and other people’s everyday lives. Anywhere you go you come across some kind of advertisement, whether it is on the billboard, schools, television, public transportation like trains, bus, inside magazine and so on. It surrounds us everyday,Read More

Heroes – People still enjoy seeing the hero win

In the beginning heroes possessed unshakeable bravery and endless cunning. Their foes were cruel beasts with little or no intelligence, which burned and ravaged the land, for reasons often untold. Over time these dumb beasts of destruction, which only existed to be overcome or destroyed as obstacles to the hero’sRead More


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