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The character and the novel

This has caused the romantic ‘knight in shining armor’ theory to go down the proverbial drain, because women are in charge of their own destiny now, not waiting around to be chosen. This has lead to men being less domineering. Since this deficiency in dominance has happened, it has leftRead More

A Doll’s House

Miss Julie’s struggle against the societial expectations of her time can be compared to that of another female character of modern drama, namely Nora in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. Nora believed in her ability to realize her true self, but it relied on her escaping her home, which represents theRead More

Great Expectations

Miss Havisham in a very depressed state as her life came crashing down. As in the text, it is described that she left everything where it was that day and the ‘clocks had all stopped at 9:29’ also Miss Havisham was wearing the same clothes she intended to wear forRead More

Moral Crusade or Personal Vendetta

Abigail is not the only opportunist in Salem. The Putnams, whose daughter was one of the young women dancing in the woods, also seize the opportunity. Thomas Putnam is a greedy landowner in Salem. He systematically accuses his neighbours of witchcraft so that he might purchase their land after theyRead More

The English people

The atmosphere throughout the novel is also maintained and studied in great depth through Pip’s vivid narrative in Chapter 8 when he enters the grounds of Satis House and sees what life can be like outside of Joe’s simple forge. Upon Pip and the reader’s entering Miss Havisham’s room inRead More

Sherlock and Watson

From the beginning of this book Sherlock and Watson began analyzing a subject, in this instance a cane, and in doing this he shows his abilities as a detective which resulted in him gaining my respect and had me hanging off his every word. I think this may be dueRead More

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Arthur Conan Doyle lived in London in the late 19th century. His career was not exactly very successful in the early stages of his life. It started as him being a doctor onboard a ship, he was then a general practitioner in Southsea, but this career did not work forRead More

Why does Eddie die at the end of the play?

After its release in 1956, Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge has provoked a number of varying opinions as to the cause of Eddie Carbone’s death. Chiefly, Eddie’s climactic murder at the end of the book has been attributed to several key factors and events. Many people argue thatRead More

The Speckled Band

Conan Doyle researched London, “The country road is very lonely, but about half a mile to the north there is a small cluster of villas which have been built by a Tavistock contractor. ” He researched what life was like, and in that time, men were allowed to beat theirRead More

Great expectations as the opening of a novel

Then, without warning, Dickens thrusts drama into the story, instantly grabbing a reader’s attention. So far the setting has been eerily quiet, so using bold dialogue ‘Hold your noise! ‘ was a very effective way of starting the story in a sense and adding substance to it. The man thatRead More