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BBC and the government

The recent clash between the BBC and the government has shown how fragile a relationship the two shares. Andrew Gilligan’s story, which he broke on Radio 4’s today programme on Wednesday July ninth 2003, shook the government and the BBC to their cores. Gilligan’s story was not the first actionRead More

Colorado Creative Music

Colorado Created Music (CCM) is a micro label producer of music specializing as a creative and business outlet for classical and acoustic musicians. The company started as a vision for musician and entrepreneur Darren Curtis Skanson. Colorado Creative Music has been able to compete due partly in response to theRead More

The Effects Music Distraction upon Reading Efficiency

This experiment investigated the effects of music distraction upon reading efficiency, as measured by the score on a comprehension test and the amount of text read. It was hypothesised that the non-distracted group will score higher than the distracted group. Sixteen participants were given 15 min. to read a 6-pagesRead More

Piece of music

To answer clearly these two questions we have to understand the meaning of all important words in this context. “To think” means “to have a particular opinion, belief, or idea about something or someone”; “language” is “the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use ofRead More

Ghostly music playing

In act two the tension in the Birling house begins to increase greatly, the inspector is pressuring the Birlings and Gerald to tell their story of how and when they met Eva Smith. At first they deny any knowledge of the girl, but as the play goes on the InspectorRead More

The Eve of St. Agnes Is built up of a series of deliberate contrasts

This is a passage from earlier in the poem, and refers to the Beadsman, an ancient holy man who prayed for the souls of sinners all his life. It uses contrasts of colour, sound, and also life and death. In the first line, the music is described as ‘soft’, howeverRead More

Moby Dick

The men gather together back onto the beach. The main thing we notice here is that the pulsating beat stops. Although the heart beat attracts us to the advert, the use of this cleverly placed silence makes you watch with suspense and creates dramatic tension. When the beat stops, weRead More

Music plays

This is then blacked out and another light opens on the opposite side onto another car which is angled the opposite way to the other one. This is also blacked out and then another spotlight opens up directly above onto another car which is facing forward. All of the three cars are identical expectRead More

American Stage Music

Outline the main changes and developments in American Stage Music from “Showboat” to “West Side Story”. Choose appropriate musicals to support your argument. The modern musical has been an important form of entertainment throughout the 20th century, still enjoying a good degree of popularity now. In its earlier days, a musical wasRead More

Personal Statement to study Music

My interest in music came at a fairly early age when I used to love listening to Radio 1 and Classic FM as a toddler but it wasn’t until, after watching my sister and aunty at dance festivals who had been in a number of music projects and performances withRead More


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