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Father and Gerald

It turns out that Arthur Birling sacked Eva Smith from his factory due to his greed. She had asked Mr Birling for a pay rise from 22 shillings and 6 pence to 25 shillings. Then she went on strike with the other workers after he refused. He then sacked herRead More

Ceptic sores

But like the mothers some would oppose it. There concerns would have be the same as the mothers. Also they may feel that they should be there for their mothers as they would be alone, and that the mothers would also need some protection. I will now look how theRead More

Mothers who smack turn their children into bullies

The article “Mothers who smack turn their children into bullies” originates from the Sunday Express, September 13, 1998 and was written by Dorothy Lepkowska, Education Correspondent. The article has three underlying psychological assumptions. The first assumption is that children who grow up in an aggressive environment are more likely to becomeRead More

Should men be mothers?

Rick Sanders’ attitude towards the subject of his article, which is “It’s a man’s job being a mother” is that men should indeed be “mothers” but hopes to see that other people (including the prejudiced tax inspectors) would drop their stereotypical image of a “mother” being the housewife and theRead More

New Generation of Mothers

Рousekeeper, provider of basic needs, etc. , largely determine the type of work men and women do. For example, given their traditional role as homemakers, more female than male workers tend to combine economic activities with household (non-economic) activities, to work intermittently over the year and to work closer toRead More


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