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Toshiba HD DVD

Toshiba is using the value appeal technique by giving three free HD DVD movies. It is like getting a discount but instead you get movies. HD DVD movies are very expensive so, many people would want to buy the HD DVD. According to the offer, you get three free HDRead More

Soup a Model

Comparing differences and similarities: These two adverts designed by ” Cup a soup” advertising ” Slim a soup” both have similar design ideas and both use the same idea to promote the product in slightly different ways. Although this product is advertised towards two different ages that have many similarities suchRead More

Revisions of Cooper’s Model

Over the years, several revisions have been made to Cooper’s original model. These are; Cooper and Baglioni (1988), and Robertson, Cooper and Williams (1990). The home/work interface aspect of the model was originally part of the individual differences section, but in 1988, this was incorporated as a sixth source ofRead More

Strengths of the biological model

The main strength of the model is that drugs have been successfully used to treat a wide variety of mental disorders, they have allowed people the chance to live independently and as normal life as possible without having to stay in hospital which prior to drug treatment was the onlyRead More

Latan and Darley’s cognitive model

According to Piliavin, there are two major influences on Bystander intervention, the first is arousal, the response to the need or distress of others; this is the basic motivational construct. This component suggests that the bystander feels discomfort and seeks to reduce this by intervention. This component differs from Latan�Read More

Does the river Alyn follow Bradshaw’s model?

Channel Shape – This is described by hydraulic radius. This is the ratio between the cross sectional area of a river and its wetted perimeter. For example if two rivers have an equal cross sectional area the river with the greater wetted perimeter will have more friction and so theRead More

The Biological Model

The biological model aims to explain all behaviour and experience in terms of physical bodily processes. For example, when you feel stressed this usually involves a sensation of your heart pounding, your palms being sweaty and so on. These are physical symptoms created by activation of the nervous system. YourRead More

Models of Abnormality

Cognitive and cognitive behavioural techniques are becoming more popular as they work well with disorders like depression, low self-esteem, etc – Also offers good long term strategies for coping with problems in the future Blame is on the individual: – The therapist blames the client as being responsible for their thought processes byRead More

Meyers Manx

Bruce made his first vehicle for 18 long months. He quit his job and worked full time on his Manx. It took him some time to finalize his buggy. His first Manx used a Beetle floorpan and engine, fiberglass monocoque bodies, with pedals, seats, windshields and lights components. His firstRead More

Other models

The fourth stage is depression, which is, could be the most dangerous stage of grief. It is a fact that not one will escape depression before one can heal from a major loss. Depression may take willing oneself to death if one does not get over the depression stage ofRead More