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Meyers Manx

Bruce made his first vehicle for 18 long months. He quit his job and worked full time on his Manx. It took him some time to finalize his buggy. His first Manx used a Beetle floorpan and engine, fiberglass monocoque bodies, with pedals, seats, windshields and lights components. His firstRead More

Other models

The fourth stage is depression, which is, could be the most dangerous stage of grief. It is a fact that not one will escape depression before one can heal from a major loss. Depression may take willing oneself to death if one does not get over the depression stage ofRead More

Models of grief and bereavement

Funeral rituals when viewed from the psychological point of view make use of models of grief and bereavement to explain people behavior and their eventual emotional healing as result of under the experience. Below therefore are discussion of some of the models of grief and bereavement. 1) Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (5Read More

Model prisoner

Dahmer would kill his victims, and later take pornographic and postmortem pictures that he would later use for self-gratification purposes. He was known to mutilate his victims, an act that would arouse him, and eat their body parts. He admitted cutting of these parts with knives and an electric sawRead More

Perception model

Robert Jervis presented a two-step model that can be utilized to examine or analyze decisions made by the state or the actors concerned. His model is hinged on perception and its effects on the decision-making process. He discussed two important propositions by which his model can take effect. The firstRead More