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Media in society

Take two newspapers printed on the same day, one “redtop,” and one “quality” paper. Compare and account for the differences between them and the ways in which they present the day’s news. In your finished project you should include the pages to which you refer in your writing. (approx. 800Read More

The nucleur family is shown in two different areas of the media

The nucleur family is portrayed in the media in different ways depending on its purpose. Comedy programmes, like “My family” show the light hearted side of family life, in order to make the audience laugh and relate with the happy side of family, whereas soap operas, such as “Eastenders”, showRead More

Media Studies Mr Daley

The biological and physical differences between men and women are referred to as the ‘Sex’ whilst ‘gender’ refers to the different male and female cultural roles ‘masculine’ and feminine’ gender roles. The ‘comedy’ sitcom ‘Friends’ is an American programme that is based around everyday situations. The motivation for this sitcomRead More

Compare ‘Neighbours’ and ‘Eastenders’

Eastenders and Neighbours are very different soap operas. Eastenders is a ‘prime-time’ programme usually shown at 7. 30pm or 8pm, whereas Neighbours is shown twice a day at the earlier times of 1. 45pm and 5. 35pm respectively. Eastenders is shown at a later time to attract the older viewersRead More

Cathy Comes Home

‘Cathy Comes Home’ – How far do the portrayals of the officials as heartless and the ‘likeable’ main characters make this documentary biased and propagandist? The documentary ‘Cathy Comes Home’ was purposely made to raise awareness of the housing situations going on in 1966, and highlighted the difficulties of living.Read More

AS level media studies

Firstly I chose to focus my project on urban music but I found that it would be difficult through my research to focus on a wide genre of music (especially with the time restrictions). Therefore I decided to narrow the concept down to one particular artist of the urban (“hip-hop”)Read More

GCSE English Media Coursework

Analyse and comment on the content and presentation, and the advertising of the Summer 2004 issue of Elle Girl magazine. Examine the relationship between features and the advertising in the magazine and consider in particular how this magazine tries to persuade young women to buy fashion and beauty products. ElleRead More

George Best Death Media Portrayal

As you can see the broadsheet Sunday newspaper a large image of different types of flowers laid onto the floor by beloved fans Best’s and a boy putting his own bunch of flowers down expressing his sorrows and love for the famous footballer. The newspaper is attempting to show readersRead More

The subject of media

In this course I have leart about vuideo cameras microphones and lighting. Im now more comfortable with using a camera as I have gained more experience with using a video camera as I have gained experiece with holding and recording shots. I have also had problems with the use ofRead More

The formation and presentation of media

This analysis aims to explore the usage and choice of language, the formation and presentation of media, and the target audiences of two newspapers, regarding their approach to the war in Iraq. Comparisons are to be drawn, in this case between two articles from The Guardian and The Daily Mail,Read More