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Language in the Media

Advertising is a vital tool to any company, corporation or organisation; it is the most prominent method in raising product awareness or publicising a service. It would be a very rare occasion for an individual to go through their day without encountering some form of advertising whether it be commercialRead More

Advertising in Media

We see them wherever we go, TV, radio, billboards, vehicles etc. The list is endless. We are forever being persuaded into purchases whether it be a good advert, offers or supposedly low prices. I believe there are too many adverts on TV and radio. We watch TV or listen toRead More

The Earliest Toys

The evidence of toys in prehistoric times is ambiguous in that such objects as doll-like figurines, which to modern eyes may bear a similarity to toys, probably had a religious significance. Toys must have existed in prehistory, however, since children and adults universally use their imagination to create toys outRead More

Humanistic Approach to Media

The nature of the humanistic approach means that the observer must look beyond what he is seeing and go into the subject’s background and delve into motives. For example, Steve-O on the surface seems to the lay person like he is attention-seeking; however there is more to him. He considersRead More

Transport media

Errol will certainly need a van for his line of business; and one with his company logo and contact details printed on the side of it would provide a lot of promotion without any additional effort. Most mechanics use this type of media, and so it is almost expected. HeRead More

The media uses adverts

The media uses adverts to make the general public aspire to something. Often adverts make you want something you never thought you’d want. The advertisers technique is to make you remember their advert. The method they use is sometimes by creating a shocking advert or by using fantasy. Fantasy isRead More

English Media coursework – written

The adverts for the “Orange Tango” created a naughty, young and unpredictable image for the product. They did this in the way that they used the Tango man as a little child. He was quite naughty to behave in the way that he did. Also as the Tango man wasRead More

Negatively represented in the media

Assess the view that ethnic minorities are negatively represented in the media. Ethnic minorities are, at the moment, flavour of the month with broadcasters in the UK. With seasons on the likes of Channel 4 dedicated to Indian culture etc. Currently ethnic minorities are shown positively on certain platforms. Not allRead More

Gender and the Media

Evidence suggests in the 1980’s that women had fewer roles meaning they weren’t expected to be highly educated, manage a career or fit themselves into the recent culture and fashions. Women were seen in the background as the support or missing piece of a man, the man that strives forRead More

Media in society

Take two newspapers printed on the same day, one “redtop,” and one “quality” paper. Compare and account for the differences between them and the ways in which they present the day’s news. In your finished project you should include the pages to which you refer in your writing. (approx. 800Read More