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What is media?

What is media?’ lecturer Daniel Black brought out this question as the introduction for the course, Media Study. ‘What is Media?’ it looks like a very simple topic to discuss and understand, but through the way for preparing this assignment, Media is not that simple and easy. It carries lotsRead More

Spoken and written media

Steven Pinker5 in his book ‘The Language Instinct’, argues that motherese is and has always been an unessential part of language development, part of the Western mentality “that sends yuppies to learning centres to buy mittens with bulls’ eyes to help their babies find their hands sooner. The child itself, whetherRead More

Are Asylum seekers misrepresented in the Media?

In the past few years the immigration issue has gained more and more prominence within the British media, Largely due to the disaster of September 11 and the problems regarding the increasing number of immigrants. It is highly fictitious to say that the press has been highly objective when reportingRead More

Are The Media Racist?

“It requires a certain contortion of intellect and morality to condone one set of atrocities as ‘blunders’ while humanising one set of victims and dehumanising another. ” John Pilger 2000, Hidden Agendas1 The aim of this essay is to discuss whether or not the media, specifically the British media, areRead More

Media in Islamic countries

This is a clash of civilizations! Whether we like it or not, misconceived American policy and the ignorant despotism in the Islamic world is going to lead us to a holocaust! Indeed given the civilian death toll in this new world of sanctions and video-game like aerial bombardments, we areRead More

New media today

One of the major uses of computer is for the playing of computer or video games, which occupies a considerable proportion of young people’s time. In the Young People New Media (YPNM) survey conducted in 1999 in United Kingdom, it was found that one-third of young people use a computerRead More

Example of mediation

There is an extreme close-up of Lizzie Bardsley, which I feel is part of the representation construction of the North, making her look almost ‘villain like’, as it is very invasive. I think that Vladimir Propp’s theory of characters having a narrative function and providing a structure for the textRead More

Language in the Media

Advertising is a vital tool to any company, corporation or organisation; it is the most prominent method in raising product awareness or publicising a service. It would be a very rare occasion for an individual to go through their day without encountering some form of advertising whether it be commercialRead More

Advertising in Media

We see them wherever we go, TV, radio, billboards, vehicles etc. The list is endless. We are forever being persuaded into purchases whether it be a good advert, offers or supposedly low prices. I believe there are too many adverts on TV and radio. We watch TV or listen toRead More

The Earliest Toys

The evidence of toys in prehistoric times is ambiguous in that such objects as doll-like figurines, which to modern eyes may bear a similarity to toys, probably had a religious significance. Toys must have existed in prehistory, however, since children and adults universally use their imagination to create toys outRead More


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