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The number of magazine and newspaper pages

Paper industry has felt the impact of growing number of e-book readers, smartphones and tablet PC’s just to mention few. Digital substitution has hit the mature markets but might affect the emerging markets as well. People, for example in India, might take a leap in technology and move straight toRead More

HR strategy magazine

The unstructured interview is particularly notorious. This is where the interviewer is asked questions, which bear little or no apparent significance to the job in question. So, for example, if an interviewee is asked questions such as ‘what is your favourite book and why? ‘ (Under the pretext of ‘apparently’Read More

The magazine still

Little has changed since the creation of Mademoiselle Magazine in the mid 1930’s. Even though society has developed into a consumer driven enterprise, the magazine has been and still is edited to attract women ages eighteen to thirty-four. In the September 1963 issue of Mademoiselle, the magazine’s focus lay primarilyRead More

Read magazines

It is important for A’s CD Store to sell their products at a reasonable price because if they do not sell their products at a reasonable price people may not buy the product. This is because they may think that the price for that product is too high and theyRead More

Produced a magazine

From these magazines I have found out that they share a similar layout and style to their front covers. I have found out that most of the magazines share the same positioning of their heading. It is mainly in the top of the magazines and mostly in the centre. MostRead More

Producing a Magazine

Firstly we had to decide what kind of magazine we were going to design and make to do this we needed to find a gap in the market. We found that the main types of magazine were fashion for young teenagers, fashion for women, fashion for men, sports, gardening, computingRead More

Production Report – Magazine

My brief was: Print; Pages of a new, teenage magazine aimed at an audience of either or both sexes within the range 13 to 19 year olds, as follows: The front cover and at least one double page spread from the magazine. A minimum of three original images. As partRead More

Reading of the Ministry Magazine

Firstly we must consider the audience at which the ‘Ministry’ magazine is aimed. Visual signifiers such as the young female celebrities (Mysteeq and Brandy) and large beer bottle on the first contents page suggest a trendy, clubbing and partying lifestyle. It could then be considered that this magazine is aimedRead More

Review of magazine front page – ‘Now’

My magazine cover is from the woman’s magazine ”Now” . This magazine cover first caught my attention by the big i?? 1 and the awful picture of Victoria Beckham. Normally she looks perfect with not a hair out of place , however in this picture it looks like the queenRead More

Should we judge a man by the cover of his magazine?

Covers of men’s magazines today are utmost offending and profoundly insulting to today’s British men. As I walk into newsagents, I am surrounded by nudity, sex, drugs and even violence at the newspaper stand next to the typical, upmarket British broadsheet newspapers we have pornographic material staring in our faces.Read More


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