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Proctor’s life and business

Elizabeth is silent when John asks of her opinion if he confesses to this false crime of witchery to save his life. She does not want to influence him. This is the second time in the play where we see Proctor requesting Elizabeth’s approval. The last time we saw thisRead More

Mickey’s life

The ways that the policeman treated both the parents are completely different. One reason that he treats the parents different is because Sammy, who is Mrs Johnson’s son, has committed crimes in the past. Another reason why the policeman treats the parents in a different way is because Mrs JohnstonRead More

Life, sadness and happiness

Like there are two sides of a coin, there are two sides of life, sadness and happiness. Happiness cherishes your life whilst sadness brings terrible storms without any calamity. Sometimes when our lives are full of joy we forget that grief is also a major share in life. Keeping aRead More

Real life

A good current affair example of conformity could be the incidents which took place in Abu Ghraib which I discussed in detail within task 1.It is possible that not all the soldiers that got involved in these horrendous activities would of done this if they hadn’t felt a group pressureRead More

Life on the home front during

World War 2 started in early September 1939 and lasted until November 1945, for 6 years. Not everyone went to fight, but everyone helped in the ‘war effort’ in some way or other. In this project I am going to look at the way the war affected people at homeRead More

What is life?

I woke up this morning thinking about life, about my life, what is life? I wonder if with my young age I had achieved some of the things I wanted or missed part of them, I started to think if my life stinks, or if it is good or maybeRead More

As a child Yosser’s life

In scene 24 Yosser meets the Wino. Yosser starts talking but the Wino isn’t listening, it doesn’t even look as though he cares, he’s much too interested in his ‘disinfectant’; ‘leave my disinfectant alone’. Yosser tells him about his dream and how he used to build sandcastles; ‘I built sandcastles,Read More

The level of economic development influences the quality of life

Economic development is the increase in ones standards of living within the country’s population with sustained growth from a simple, low income economy to a complete opposite, high-income economy. Quality of life is very difficult to define because individuals have different perceptions but it’s the social and psychological condition of peopleRead More

Married life

Marriage is the third main ideal to be presented in Act 1 of the play. Whilst it is not strictly an ‘ideal’ in itself, the manner in which it is presented leaves a sense of mocked ceremony. The female leads treat marriage with a deadly seriousness in all respects, withRead More

The Life of Pi

Comment on the writers presentation of loneliness and companionship in the novels “The Old Man and the Sea” by Hemmingway and “The Life of Pi” by Martel. In the novels “Life of Pi” and “The Old Man and the Sea”, the authors present the protagonists sense of loneliness and contrastingRead More