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Devoid of life

Roughly 126-127 thousand cubic kilometres is contained in lakes, rivers and streams (Clarke 1993: 8; Marshak and Prothero 2001: 479). Water inter-reacts with the three other spheres and can erode rock using onshore wave action or flood movement, transporting material as with moraines or lahars (Gomez et al. 2002: 217-222),Read More

Life is sacred

Mercy killing and assisted suicide, has been a controversial subject for many centuries. It is a ‘slippery slope’ that would allow increasing instances of coerced suicide, family members pressuring the elderly not to postpone their inevitable demise for financial reasons. In addition, the practice would lessen the urgency to developRead More

Culdn’t escape

It was dark, almost to dark for it to be a normal darkness, she didn’t know what to do, she was trapped, the darkness was swallowing her and she couldn’t escape. She was a strange girl; she was one of those girls who were different to every other girl. She didn’tRead More

George’s life

Steinbeck has introduced the novel during Americas 1930s Great Depression. Throughout this devastating period majority of the population were either unemployed or working on an extremely low pay. In this depressing time men were separated from their families as they had to migrate to find work. Men who were onceRead More

My school life

I believe a good teacher can stimulate and help to improve the minds and lives of countless students by sharing with them gift of knowledge and believing in them. Early childhood is an important period of life. Childhood is the time when growth is great and learning is rapid. DuringRead More

Life a misery

The tale of Oliver Twist, a poor orphan boy caught up in the squalor of the workhouses, has entertained and enlightened many a generation since its first publication back in 1837. Its author, Charles Dickens, spent his entire life making the plight of the poor heard. Although a fictional tale,Read More

Oliver’s life

After nine years with Mrs Mann, Oliver is moved to the workhouse to undergo even more pain and suffering where the boys are so hungry that one boy says he is scared that he will eat the boy that sleeps next to him. Eventually the starving boys decide that oneRead More

Start a new life

In Act 1 the reader is carefully introduced to all of thew characters in such a way that first impressions sculpt the way in which the reader for most of the play, views the characters. Set in the interior of Hobson’s Boot shop in Chapel Street, Salford, Act 1 begins withRead More

Keats’s chief strengths and preoccupations

From your reading so far what seems to be Keats’s chief strengths and preoccupations? At the time when John Keats was born it was said that, ‘poets are born, not made. ‘ Poets at the time were either gentlemen from the upper class, or well educated with intellectual backgrounds. Keats’sRead More

Happy life

This shows he has no personality. He is a bland ‘unwholesome’ person. He has no colour; an effect of been in the ‘vault’ of a schoolroom all his life. Bitzer has had no childhood; he has never played outside in the sunshine. Whereas Sissy who has spent her life travellingRead More