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The Red Headed League’s

As always, it is Holmes that finally manages to deduce how the crime happened and swiftly wants to test his “little theory”. The use of the word “little theory” tells us that Holmes believes that this case is not one of great importance or magnificence, only a small affair with,Read More

Peterborough and District Youth League

I cannot be critical of these leagues because they provide good, structured competitive football for everyone and varied abilities. Every age group has 3 divisions because of this I would say you can play competitive football no matter what skill level you play at. Although there is one way IRead More

British Basketball League

In order for basketball to be a successful competition reliable and trust worthy coaches are needed. Anyone can apply for these courses, however the most person who will benefit would be teachers, as they also can gain understanding and knowledge of the sport. For this they must apply and completeRead More


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