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The essence of knowledge

Knowledge in its most basic form would be what helps me to make it to the next day. I know that when I wake up in the morning the ground will be there, unless some catastrophe occurs and land as we know ceases to exist. To know that when IRead More

Knowledge around the world

Therefore, in order to understand something we always have to stick with our own culture and experience. In this case, it is impossible to have objective knowledge. To talk about art, it’s impossible to have objective knowledge in the world of art. “The arts” is a very broad field. ItRead More

Theory of Knowledge

Knowledge generally has three necessary requirements; the statement of knowledge must be true, you must believe that the statement is true and there must be good evidence for believing the statement. If we were to respect these statements entirely, then the question, ‘Can we know something that has not yetRead More

Experts in the search for knowledge

It is obvious that we all have opinions, and most of us agree that we are all entitled the right to have one and express it proudly, but are those opinions considered as sufficient evidence to consider them as guidance to knowledge or even knowledge itself? Alas, no. Knowledge -although cannotRead More

General acquisition of knowledge

“What can be meant by the Panchantantra saying, “Knowledge is the true organ of sight, not the eyes?” Is it necessary to have clear ideas to see? The Panchantantra saying : “Knowledge is the true organ of sight, not the eyes,” almost directly contradicts the popular idea held by many todayRead More

Theory of Knowledge Essay

Actually, most of the people think that all of us are human beings have a specific point of view. This point of view can commonly coincide with others, like habits and preferences. As a consequence it begins to create a group, which settles a culture that shares the same beliefs,Read More

Knowledge of the world

To what extent do our senses give us knowledge of the world as it really is? At a first thought, anyone would argue that what we experience is actual reality – there are no illusions, or misinterpretations. It is just information that we receive from the world. The question is: WhatRead More

Two areas of knowledge

The world we live in is made of opposites-good and evil; day and night; summer and winter; life and death; joy and sorrow. Everything in this world is not black and white-things are gray as well. Man is distinguished from animals by his incessant quest for knowledge. By his reasonRead More

Experts in the search for knowledge

Man is a social animal who needs company and advices He is distinguished from others creatures by his deep search of knowledge. Knowledge is a deep concept. It is no such thing lying around to be picked and learned. It can only be understood through our experience. It is createdRead More

Shape personal knowledge

Shared knowledge is the knowledge that the community we surround ourselves with believes to be the collective truth. We often think of this separate from our personal knowledge, which is what we personally believe is true and stems from individual experiences that aren’t shared in complete form with anybody else.Read More