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Airline industry

Opportunities Further integration of services (i.e. Facilities in airports, services in regions) Development of tools to measure effectiveness of alliance (metrics). i.e. Measure which passengers were brought in as a result of alliance.  Pursue activities that could support economies of scale.  Consolidation of alliance members, where applicable, as current large number increases theRead More

The Diversity of the Leisure Industry

This table shows the North of England participate in more reading, singing (13% compared to 10% in E England), dancing (11% compared to 10% in E England) and painting (12% compared to 9% in E England) than the East of England. This shows that the North of England has moreRead More

The sports industry

The sports industry can be categorised into three different sectors which are based upon who is running the activity or where it is located. The three sectors are the public, private and voluntary sectors. Public Sector The public sector is a service that is provided for the general public. It is providedRead More

Branding in Hotel Industry

Cline (1996) said that one of the brand marketing strategies of the Hotel Industry includes a strong reservation system. Consistency of reservations, sales office supports, a proper correlation of the brand to a particular target market, and a thorough continuing development plan is imperative (p. 1). Brand marketing in theRead More

UK Hospitality Industry

The debate on creating an international curriculum of business and management education is still on (Stone, 2006; Dahl, 2003; De Vita & Case, 2003; Haigh, 2002) and management education in the hospitality and tourism industry is not staying away from it (Charlesworth, 2007; Hearn et al. , 2007; Black, 2004;Read More

White Spirits Industry

The white spirits industry in the UK is the largest in Europe and is home to the biggest brands in the world. The sector is growing very sharply and has recorded a growth of nearly 30 % in the last five years. Britons can possibly speak with pride of oneRead More

Literature on Console Video Game Industry

The hardware specifications for consoles are tabulated as per Table 1 above. The convergence between the PC and console devices is a matter of time and is most probably being delayed due to resistance from the console producers who are wary of the impact of PC on the sale ofRead More