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The motor industry

As can be seen by the figures above, the capacity and production of the motor industry during the inter-war period drastically increased. Therefore, it can be argued they adapted to the changes in the market successfully. The slump only caused a brief recession in this industry. Production only dropped slightly,Read More

The financial industry

“The financial industry is consolidating at an accelerating pace: the integration of financial markets has blurred distinction between activities such as lending, investment banking, asset management, and insurance” (Focarelli, Panetta, Salleo 2002) Firms have reacted to intelligent competition by cutting costs and expanding in size, often by merging with theRead More

The Islamic banking industry

Since that time Islamic banks and institutions have grown at a considerable pace and history has not shown any trends to reveal any slow down. In fact, many trending studies have indicated that the industry should continue to grow at a rapid pace annually over the next few years. AccordingRead More

The Japanese banking industry

Outline the main problems facing the Japanese banking industry during the 1990s. How did the Japanese authorities help address these problems? The 1990s is a period in Japanese finance history known as the ‘lost decade’. Having experienced a period of unprecedented growth during the 1980s, where GDP rose on averageRead More

The Industry

The longevity and profitability of Vodafone Australia is reliant on the industry’s competitiveness, emerging issues and lifecycle. Using Porter’s Model of Competitive forces (see appendix 1) to view industry competitiveness, it can be said that the threat of new entrants is relatively low. This is due to the many entryRead More

The industry average

Some of the most prominent businessmen of their time, including J. P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie and Charles Schwab, formed US Steel in 1901. Albert Gary and J. P. Morgan bought Andrew Carnegie’s steel company and combined it with their own holdings to form US Steel. In the first full yearRead More

The crop protection industry

The AHP firm Cynamid was purchased by German based company BASF in 2000. This purchase results in a reduction of the competitive ability of AHP and increases the threat posed by BASF. Previously Monsanto had entered agreements with Cynamid in which they were able to sell glyphosphate for use inRead More

Airline industry

Opportunities Further integration of services (i.e. Facilities in airports, services in regions) Development of tools to measure effectiveness of alliance (metrics). i.e. Measure which passengers were brought in as a result of alliance.  Pursue activities that could support economies of scale.  Consolidation of alliance members, where applicable, as current large number increases theRead More

The Diversity of the Leisure Industry

This table shows the North of England participate in more reading, singing (13% compared to 10% in E England), dancing (11% compared to 10% in E England) and painting (12% compared to 9% in E England) than the East of England. This shows that the North of England has moreRead More

The sports industry

The sports industry can be categorised into three different sectors which are based upon who is running the activity or where it is located. The three sectors are the public, private and voluntary sectors. Public Sector The public sector is a service that is provided for the general public. It is providedRead More