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France and Futures issues

The aim of the paper critiqued is analysing South Korea Management. The design/methodology and approach that has been used is based on literature study and interpretations of existing analysis presenting the South Korea Management in five parts: South Korea, Three Styles of Asian capitalism, Contemporary South Korea management, Parallels withRead More

Future payments

Swap – an agreement between two counterparties to exchange future payments in accordance with certain conditions in the contract. There are several types of swaps [1. 596-624 p..].┬áInterest rate swaps – is to share a bond with a fixed interest rate on floating-rate obligation. Involved in the swap face exchangeRead More

Polish Town

After reading “The Roses of Eyam” and “Our Town”, I found that both plays are set in close communities, although “Our Town” is a more modern setting than “The Roses of Eyam”. The communities in both plays are somewhat wary of anything outside their immediate environment. In “The Roses ofRead More

Planning and preparing for my future

This section describes what my goals and aims for the future are and how I will achieve them. The first important weakness that I need to convert into strength is my time management. It is extremely important to be able to manage my own time and sometimes other’s time, efficientlyRead More

The HP-Compaq merger

Within a communal culture both friendship and performance are important. People have the feeling of being that the are part of a community, but there is also a focus on goal achievement. A communal culture needs a charismatic leader with a clear vision where the organization wants to be inRead More

Implications for future research

Seeing that Unilever’s and PepsiCo’s marketing strategies both have been very successful, it seems that consumer-integrated marketing could be a source to gain more interest and create self-identification to products and services, especially through the involvement of consumers to create new products, as Mountain Dew and Dorito have done. ThereforeRead More

The needs of the future

The aims of education have basically remained the same since my parents were at school, however, the method of teaching has changed. Many of our parents were taught in such a way that they had to memorize everything from a book whereas we, today’s students, have to be able toRead More

New future

Safie had been taught by her mother to “aspire to higher powers of intellect and an independence of spirit…. ” (CH14-p124) In a similar way the Monster also has ideas of improving his education when he discovers three books in the woods, (CH15, p127 ) “these possessions of these treasuresRead More

Planning the Making and the manufacturing for the Future

This page consists of information and decisions that I would make if I was going to mass produce my product. I have thought about methods that can be used, Quality of the product (for example tolerance), cost and many other aspects. Case I made my case using vacuum forming. IRead More

Future Expansion

Even the very largest companies have to keep growing. McDonalds opens 100’s of new restaurants each year. It recently has not performed so well though perhaps because people are becoming more health conscious and don’t see fast food as a sensible diet and perhaps also because of growing numbers ofRead More


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