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Planning the Making and the manufacturing for the Future

This page consists of information and decisions that I would make if I was going to mass produce my product. I have thought about methods that can be used, Quality of the product (for example tolerance), cost and many other aspects. Case I made my case using vacuum forming. IRead More

Future Expansion

Even the very largest companies have to keep growing. McDonalds opens 100’s of new restaurants each year. It recently has not performed so well though perhaps because people are becoming more health conscious and don’t see fast food as a sensible diet and perhaps also because of growing numbers ofRead More

Amazing Science Fiction Future

In Daniel H. Wilson’s book Where’s my Jetpack: A Guide to the Amazing Science Fiction Future that Never Was, he claims that according to 20th century science fiction we should have all of the technologies that were promised to be invented by now. Wilson supports his claim by going throughRead More

Future of wireless broadband

The advent of wireless broadband has allowed the benefits of broadband technology to be available to more people. For example, Washington Senator Conrad Burns told state services that in order to sort the broadband availability problem in rural America, they may have to go wireless (Weaver, 2001). Wireless broadband isRead More

SATS future

It has been suggested by the continuing evolution of computer power that operations of the high-level automated translation systems would be working in the near future. Moore’s Law has been the bases of this assessment, which is related to the computer power’s doubling that takes place after every eighteen months.Read More

Building Sustainable Futures

The community support and the support of students and their parents are a strong force to initiate the needed reforms of the school. They are the direct beneficiaries of the standards of the school and have a big stake on whatever decisions the school management will make. The failure ofRead More