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Performance in football

Identify key factors that aid performance in football. Evaluate the relative importance of these key factors with reference to the achievement of effective performance. There are a number of key factors that aid effective performance in football. These factors can be put under the headings of physiology, biomechanical, tactical, technical andRead More

Football Games

I have been given the task to investigate in to results for Football Games in the top Leagues of England. The Task is to Analyse Football results from many different views E. G. Goals per League or Home wins compared to Away wins. I have been asked to choose aRead More

Am going to base my circuit around football

The aim of this programme is to base a circuit around a specific sport. This could be a sport that you may feel you could improve upon in certain aspects. I am going to base my circuit around football as I feel there are areas that I could improve on.Read More

Gaelic football match

For activities where maximum muscular endurance is required such as a sixty minute Gaelic football match. I will need to be performing 3 sets of 3 repetitions at 60-80% of my 1 repetition maximum. I will be carrying out my weight training in the fitness suite so I will use aRead More

Gaelic football

Present sporting Activity: At present I take part in various sporting activities. Some for recreational purposes such as my local leisure centre’s volleyball team, and others for competitive purposes such as camogie and Gaelic football. I also play Gaelic football for my school and also for my parish team. I alsoRead More

Overload and Reversibility

We train to improve our physical abilities, but this can only be achieved by a change in everyday activity. Every type of training that takes place has a principle behind it. These principles are Specificity, Progression, Overload and Reversibility. Specificity – Training must be specific to the activity or sport thatRead More

Strikers positions in football

This is my introduction to my 6 week training my main goals that I with to achieve by doing this program are increase my stamina and speed which will benefit me in a strikers positions in football. My name is Chris Cartlidge, I’m 16 years old and my weight is 9Read More

Analysis and performance for football

I feel that Fernando Torres is one of the best strikers currently playing, so I have decided to base my analysis of performance on him. One of the reasons why Torres is an extremely strong player is because he has very good agility. He is able to change direction andRead More

Football at Slack

As the train approaches its destination, the poem gains momentum as though possessed of some new energy, then suddenly slows down. The philosophical discourse slackens too, as Larkin can no longer sustain the intensity of his superior knowledge that extends far beyond the superficiality of socially constructed rituals. He relinquishesRead More

The Football Association

The F.A is the governing body of the football game in England, and seeks to develop football at all levels with the aim of ‘using the power of football to build a better future.’ The Football Association, as the game’s governing body in England and the world’s pre-eminent national association, occupiesRead More


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