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The Football Association

The F.A is the governing body of the football game in England, and seeks to develop football at all levels with the aim of ‘using the power of football to build a better future.’ The Football Association, as the game’s governing body in England and the world’s pre-eminent national association, occupiesRead More

Football Development

Overall it’s thought that the women’s game has seen a 53% increase in participation over the last three years. Kelly Simmons ‘Head of Football Development’ says “Girls and women’s football is growing significantly year after year, averaging about 1,000 new affiliated girls and women’s teams every year. It is nowRead More

The Demise of Football is ten years away

Sir Alan Sugar claimed that football was heading for a disaster. The now former Tottenham chairman claimed that too much money was being poured into the game, with little return. It doesn’t take much to suggest that this can’t continue forever. Mr.Sugar was at the centre of the Spurs fan’sRead More

Local football

My local, regional and national football team is Tranmere Rovers FC; they currently have 26 members of their first team, which is managed by Ronnie Moore. They play in the Coca-Cola Football League One, which is basically the 2nd division excluding the premiership. In 1999, the sports market was valued atRead More

Football match

After these phases, you will be invited to a trial at a club. Talent Identification schemes will simply pick the best individuals i. e. who they believe is most likely to make it as a professional footballer. Some football clubs want to test your fitness and your performance in aRead More

Grass- Roots for Football

The Football Association (F.A) is the governing body of football in England. Formed in 1863, The F.A. is the oldest football governing body in the world. Today, it exists to develop and promote the game to men and women, boys and girls, of any race or creed, throughout the country,Read More

Five spot

In Nairobi, Kenya Dipen Patel was voted as one of the top ten footballers in Africa, but this was in the under 12`s section. He was only eight and he had a long career waiting for him. Dipen was a tremendous player with beautiful finishing into the back of theRead More

Football hooliganism

Football hooliganism is acts of violence, racism, taunting and vandalism committed by people around football events and during games. These have detrimental effects of the game often giving it bad publicity, but it is not just a modern phenomenon. Hooliganism has been around since medieval times when sport had littleRead More

Football’s governing bodies

All sports have at least one governing body. This governing body has many responsibilities, including setting rules, setting punishments, controlling draws for competitions and tournaments, etc. The governing body for football in England is the Football Association. They control football at all levels, from grass roots to the premier league. OneRead More

Football Association

Sport has many characteristics and can be defined as the most physical of leisure’s field of study’s. It can be very successful and competitive. Sport has a high level of skill and a high level of fitness. There are strict rules on and off the pitch. For example, on theRead More