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Circular magnetic film

Explain what situations are appropriate for the following devices and explain why? Hard disk- A hard disk gives direct access to stored information. The best situation appropriate for using a hard disk would be used to handle inventory control. The user would be able to go directly to the necessaryRead More

Film society

We realise that it costs 5 times more to attract a customer than to retain one. To that end, we will operate under the principle that our best marketing is an exceedingly satisfied customer. While the industries we operate in are large, reputations play an important part. We also realiseRead More

Judgements of numerosity

Dustin Hoffmann received an Oscar for his portrayal of an autistic character, Raymond, in the film Rainman. In one memorable scene, Hoffmann counts the exact number of toothpicks on the floor at a glance, much to the amazement of his brother, Charlie (Tom Cruise). This scene poses the question ofRead More

Bicycle Thieves, directed by Vittorio de Sica

The message of the film, on the other hand, is not quite difficult. Antonio, who is not a perfect man but a pleasant man with a nice temper, becomes devastated with his loss of his bicycle. Society being the criminal, who had caused Italians to ‘have to steal’ from others,Read More

The attributes to create a good film

After the birth sequence in the Kenneth Branagh adaptation we see Victor drag the creature over to some chains and just drop him down on them; he then pulls a lever and a large piece of wood is dropped down onto his head. Victor obviously wanted to kill the creatureRead More

Best film

Much like Dracula at the beginning of the film, Jonathan is very much in love, and must leave his partner, this likeness between the two characters, starts to make us wonder if something bad is about to happen to Jonathan. But, when we see Jonathans partner, Mina, and she isRead More

Actual film

Arthur Miller uses characters and action to explore ideas about a number of different qualities and emotions. He uses John and Elizabeth, for example, to show the love that can break through if you try really hard at a relationship. He uses honesty, through Proctor to show the good andRead More

The films ‘Kes’ and ‘Billy Elliott’

Billy Casper is a misfit. He does things differently to everyone else, he is smaller than most of his classmates and he has an unusual passion. The director of the film not only uses acting to show how Billy’s loneliness, but also wide panoramic shots and other camera work. InRead More

Taming of The Shrew

However, her sister Bianca’s construction is socially acceptable. She is preferable and she obviously enjoys her status in society. The character Petruchio is not attracted to the way that the female is constructed such as Bianca. He prefers the spirited, intelligent Kate. The meeting of Kate and Petruchio in ActRead More

Disney film

The second adverts music is from the Disney film, “Snow White and the seven dwarfs”. This makes the adverts’ atmosphere come across very light hearted and fun, but maybe a little immature. This music makes the advert feel more familiar and less threatening, which is what the first advert lacks.Read More


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