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The films ‘Kes’ and ‘Billy Elliott’

Billy Casper is a misfit. He does things differently to everyone else, he is smaller than most of his classmates and he has an unusual passion. The director of the film not only uses acting to show how Billy’s loneliness, but also wide panoramic shots and other camera work. InRead More

Taming of The Shrew

However, her sister Bianca’s construction is socially acceptable. She is preferable and she obviously enjoys her status in society. The character Petruchio is not attracted to the way that the female is constructed such as Bianca. He prefers the spirited, intelligent Kate. The meeting of Kate and Petruchio in ActRead More

Disney film

The second adverts music is from the Disney film, “Snow White and the seven dwarfs”. This makes the adverts’ atmosphere come across very light hearted and fun, but maybe a little immature. This music makes the advert feel more familiar and less threatening, which is what the first advert lacks.Read More

Compare two film posters between different genre

Both the film posters are effective in promoting the film and conveying meaning to the audience. They both use many effective visual devices to do this. The gesture codes are effective visual devices that are used to show facial expressions and body language. Film poster one presents us with aRead More

Money from the film

Many of the children became attached to the members of their host families, sometimes more attached to the ‘hosts’ than their biological parents. This aspect is portrayed in the fictional film ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’. William Beech had come from a very dysfunctional poor family and had suffered much abuse byRead More

An analysis and comparison of James Bond Film

“The name’s Bond James Bond” In 1952 writer Ian Fleming created one of the best fictional heroes of all time, James bond. James bond films have become a major hit throughout the years. The first James bond Movie was made in 1962. Since then over 21 James bond films haveRead More

Comedy in the film

Harry in the next scene is standing in total darkness where the spot light is on him only; nobody else seems to be in the room, he’s holding on to a wand in one hand and a book in the other, at this point we hear a very mysterious voiceRead More

Analyse the Chronicles of Riddick film poster

The creator of the film ‘Chronicles of Riddick’ has a high aim for big commercial success. Making money is the number one priority. Universal Studios commissioned designers to produce an eye-catching poster; a poster which is persuasive to make an audience feel its dramatic effect of ambiguity, mystery and intrigue.Read More

Broken glass in the film

Results showed that a greater number of subjects claimed to have seen broken glass when previously asked to estimate the speed of the cars when they ‘smashed’ into each other, compared to when they ‘hit’ each other. In actual fact, there was no broken glass in the film. Loftus and PalmerRead More

Range of Cultural Representation in Film

The issue of ‘significance’ throws open many questions: e. g. Film is about entertainment. Isn’t entertainment just for fun? Are they harmless? Stereotypes are different social, racial and cultural groups which have a certain connotation they are known for and seen in society as. For example, a blonde person isRead More