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A Handbook for Families

The nerve fiber connecting a big toe to the brain is not like a solid wire or a continuous piece of thread. There are spaces where nerve fibers meet others and signals are passed from one to another on their way to the brain. These spaces, called synapses, are filledRead More

Family member

The coefficient of determination (R-square) is a measure of the goodness of fit of the estimated regression equation. In the table 1, the R-square value 0. 82722 shows the 82. 72% variation in the dependent variable Y (food expenditure per head) is explained by the estimated regression equation. The reliabilityRead More

Sociology Topic – The Extended Family

My aim is to carry out my research at my college, to find out how many students live with their extended family. I will be comparing two different age groups. The first age group shall be students of the age group 21 and under and the second age group shallRead More

Birling family

“Public men, Mr Birling, have their responsibilities as well as their privileges.” Show how the Inspector attempts to teach this moral to the whole Birling family. John Boynton Priestley was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in the north of England. His father, Jonathon Priestley was a prosperous schoolmaster, his mother diedRead More

Family in the play

The inspector begins to talk to them and agitate a little until they begin to argue. He stands back and listens until crashing in to take charge again, letting the audience know that he never loses power and yet again reminding them why he was there. ‘(massively taking charge) AllowRead More

Birling family

When the Inspector arrives, Sheila is out of the room. When she enters, she is immediately drawn into the situation, asking questions that her father isn’t pleased about. When the news of the death of Eva Smith has finally been told, Sheila is shocked – “How horrible – was itRead More

Family community

It is possible that Mrs Birling would have come to reject Eric because of the shame he placed upon the family in getting Eva Smith pregnant. Had Eva not needed to go to Mrs Birling for help, the inspector would not be involving Mrs Birling. She doesn’t see that she hasRead More

Birling family

This revelation adds dramatic tension and draws the reader in. What happened? Why? What has this got to do with the Birling family? Are all questions the audience will be asking themselves. Priestley has done this purposely, he could have just said, ‘Id like some information, if you don’t mindRead More

The Birling family

Act 2 begins like Act 1 ended with the Inspector saying, “well? ” to Gerald which is repetition which makes Gerald feel ganged up on and cornered as both Sheila and the Inspector use the say word to ask him a question to get Gerald to come out with hisRead More

Family and undermining

This is an example of the Inspector dominating the family and undermining Mr Birling’s influence over his family, by controlling the characters he can also control the audience as well, he influences their opinions of the characters. The Inspector breaks this down and finally turns half of his own familyRead More


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