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Evaluation of ‘The Crucible’

On 4th December 2002, I performed a piece of acting based on the play ‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller which was written in 1953, and set in Salem, USA in 1692. The play deals with people’s attitudes towards witchcraft. In my group, we worked on different sections from throughout the play,Read More

My retests and evaluation 

I was definitely right when I predicted that this would be a hard session, my arms were quite sore when I left and my whole upper body was generally tired. Towards the end of each set I found I had to really dig deep in order to get that lastRead More

Evaluation of Strengths And Weaknesses

I am evaluating the strengths of my performance, in swimming. Front crawl is the fastest stroke and gives you the feeling of being powerful in the water. I know that the skill of freestyle in swimming is one of the strengths of my performance because I have had video analysisRead More

Evaluation of PEP

Overall I enjoyed completing the circuit training and was very pleased with the way in which the PEP developed all the different aspects of my fitness. The chosen method of training and the specific exercises were relevant to the game of basketball and the level of intensity was suitable for me.Read More

Evaluation for Ice Bar

You don’t want the expenses to be more than the sales. Management and employees would want to see this information to see how well the business is doing. Also to see if the business can afford to pay the employees. Evaluation for Ice Bar First of all we were decidingRead More

Evaluation and brief for media studies

For my A2 Media Studies Practical coursework I have decided to create a local newspaper, as a link from my AS Media Studies Rock music website I will use it as a guideline to produce a local newspaper, using Microsoft Front page and3Dulead I have learnt to work in onRead More

Evaluation of Magazine Products

The magazine cover I composed was organised and categorised to its genre, which is that of a business magazine. This is recognised, without difficulty, by the target audience through several uses of common elements such as the narrative, structure and generic conventions on the front cover and content page. MyRead More

Evaluation End

The play was based on a school nativity play. It was written to show how kids gain influence from their parents – you learn how the children pick up their habits. This was shown by the children who also play the parts of their parents so we get an insightRead More

Valuation of Sainsbury Plc

We will apply a similar methodology like we did for Tesco Plc. Sanisbury paid out more dividends that profits made in 2006. ?131 million pounds was paid out as dividends whereas its profit was only ? 58 million. We therefore assume that the growth rate in dividends is expected toRead More

Art Evaluation

Looking around the hallways, I found many interesting paintings. But, I found that a particular painting was more interesting than the rest. The piece of art that I have chosen to talk about is an artwork that is hanging on the wall in the hallway of JJC. The artwork isRead More