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The Explosion

We arrived at the headquarters of Mauna Loa analysing office at 9. 00 am with frantic driving by Richard. We had come to meet Professor David Roberts, who had travelled over to give many lectures for us in Oxford, and he was a very intelligent man but also very generous.Read More

The Manipulator and The Brainwasher

Why do manipulators use this awful technique? The leaders use these techniques because they want to be powerful, want to be known, to have fame, to have money, to have what they desire and for revenge. Abigail didn’t use these horrible techniques to be powerful, to have wealth, to haveRead More

The Crucible & Arthur Miller

However there are more then two sides to Proctor. He appears to be a character with a split personality. Whilst under the courts influence, Proctor is very polite towards Danforth; it is almost as if he is on his best behaviour. Though Danforth dismisses most of Proctor’s statements, Proctor doesRead More

A View from the Bridge

Eddie betrays his family our of his sexual desire for Catherine, but he won’t acknowledge it as he may be afraid to – if he’s afraid of his sexuality then he isn’t going to attempt to reveal to himself any other hidden cravings. “The guy ain’t right… “. He accusesRead More

The tragic hero

The tension is acute “His eyes were like tunnels”, “It was only a passion that had moved into his body” but there is no law for Eddie’s situation. However, the audience now realise Eddie’s dilemma is more deep rooted – his own family honour is at stake. Honour, another theme,Read More

A view from the bridge – english coursework

Alfieri, an Italian-American is a very important character within Arthur Miller’s ‘A View from the Bridge’ and has many significant symbolic roles in the play. The most significant role probably being a breakdown of reality in the sense that he purposely breaks down the “fourth wall” between the characters andRead More

English class

The list of words read out is in a random order, so that the subjects in Condition B (no category headings) couldn’t recall them as grouped categories. Cheating wasn’t an extraneous variable as it was made sure that the subjects were all spaced evenly so that they couldn’t see eachRead More

English family

As soon as the advert starts there is an instant drumbeat. It reminds me of a beating heart or as if an important announcement is about to be made. When the ad first starts you only see a horse treading in the water and then you instantly think what isRead More

Proper Englishman

The comedy is based around a central figure that is David Brent. David Brent manages to humiliate himself constantly yet in trying to redeem himself only digs himself into a deeper hole. He is very self conscious and unable to accept that there maybe someone better than him. When beingRead More

The Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy is a poet who characterizes her written poetry through carefully channelled dramatic monologues. Through her work, many themes and issues are explored, including that of loss, love, adolescence, change and being misplaced. Her propositions in this poetry are not to create a mystique or confusion, but toRead More