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The English critic

David Hockney throughout his illustrious career has pioneered several art movements most notably pop art. In this chapter I will talk about his contribution to pop art. His wide range of medias with special focus on photography for which Hockney would become famous. I believe it is important to knowRead More

Equal Opportunities in English

‘Our education system should be completely remodelled on such a basis as to secure the democratic principle of equality of opportunity’ (Schofield, 1964, p58). We all have our own preconceived ideas as to the definition of ‘equal opportunities’ therefore with such a diverse range of descriptions are we actually offering aRead More

Chinese – English translation

“The Amazing Blue Ocean” then visits the famous Galapagos Islands in South America and brings us down to the shark-infested ocean which is the territory of thousands of hammerhead sharks. Next we proceeded to the city of whales — the Azores in Europe. There we could find hundreds of whalesRead More

Future problem solving english

Everyday, we are faced with dilemmas that could and possibly change our lives. When it comes to making big decisions, it is more logical to think things through so one would not make what is seen to be an “incorrect” choice. One of the best ways to logically think thisRead More

Indian and English

Sujata Bhatt has two main cultural identities Indian and English, which are represented by her use of language. Her ‘mother tongue’ is Gujerati, and her English voice, an adopted, becomes a ‘foreign voice’. This is the conflict between cultural identities. However, this is resolved because her ‘mother tongue’ reasserts itselfRead More

The non-emotional Carlson

Crooks further unravels his emotion on page 71 and 72 in a way that he reverses the ethnic discrimination towards Lennie instead of himself. Steinbeck writes, ‘‘Crooks’ face lightened with pleasure in his torture’’ to convey that Crooks wants to know what it feels like to tease someone who isRead More

To Mr Anthony Browning

How are you? How is mother doing? Hope she is ok Please give my regards to young Louisa. Hope she is studying well. My journey to France was very enjoyable. We first took a short train ride to Dover. Then we went by boat to Calais. From there on itRead More

The Explosion

We arrived at the headquarters of Mauna Loa analysing office at 9. 00 am with frantic driving by Richard. We had come to meet Professor David Roberts, who had travelled over to give many lectures for us in Oxford, and he was a very intelligent man but also very generous.Read More

The Manipulator and The Brainwasher

Why do manipulators use this awful technique? The leaders use these techniques because they want to be powerful, want to be known, to have fame, to have money, to have what they desire and for revenge. Abigail didn’t use these horrible techniques to be powerful, to have wealth, to haveRead More

The Crucible & Arthur Miller

However there are more then two sides to Proctor. He appears to be a character with a split personality. Whilst under the courts influence, Proctor is very polite towards Danforth; it is almost as if he is on his best behaviour. Though Danforth dismisses most of Proctor’s statements, Proctor doesRead More


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