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The Merchant’s Tale

The use of the word ‘but’ in line 843 is the first signal to the audience that there is going to be a significant change within Januarie’s fortune. Up until this point he has been considerably lucky; he is described as a ‘worthy knight’ who has ‘lived in greet prosperitee’Read More

English Media Assignment

In September 2003, schoolteacher Paul Ellis was jailed for manslaughter after the death of a ten-year-old boy on a school trip. The types of newspaper, which the articles I will be analysing are in, will be the “Daily Express” and the “Sunday Times”. One is a tabloid and one isRead More

The Cask or Amontillado VS. The Black Cat

When used efficiently, the characterization and voice of a story can prevent the reader from condemning a character’s actions. In horror novels, readers enjoy reading about plots that contain horrific bloody details on the deaths of innocent victims. Usually, the thought of death is painful for most humans but whenRead More

Death of a Salesman

Although Willy Loman grew up in a time period in which the American dream was a hopeful possibility for anyone to achieve, it was an impossible dream he tried to succeed in. Continuously pressured by society, friends and enemies, his status as a common man truly made him a lowRead More

Jane eyre by charlotte bronte – Red Room

Jane Eyre is a classic romance novel by Charlotte Bronte (in the first person) that was published in 1847; by Smith, Elder & Company, London. Charlotte Bronte first published the book as Jane Eyre: an Autobiography under the pseudonym Currer Bell. The protagonist and main character in this novel isRead More

Is Linda a good Wife?

The real meaning of good wife does not exist. People have different thoughts of how a good wife should be. For some people being a good wife means to do what a husbands wants her to do. To others a good wife means to do what she thinks it isRead More

What other factors have caused English to change?

In answering both parts of this question I propose to discuss the nature of language change from an historical perspective (diachronically) and then from a contemporary point of view (synchronically). There are four areas which can be affected in any language and which will be examined in my essay: lexis,Read More

English languages

Part of getting students to converse with each other is posing a question about the text or about a specific topic that would engage the students to provide their opinions about the topic in the English languages (Drucker 2003, p. 22). The teachers can also direct the students into discussingRead More

English writers

Within the Abbey itself, there are many people interred who, through their actions, beliefs or memories, shaped England, Europe and the world. Because of its location near the center of England’s seat of power, Westminster Abbey has been the burial place of many members of English royalty. Of the EnglishRead More