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Bend It Like Beckham

In the film ‘bend it like Beckham’ the film deals with many different cultural issues for example the film make reference to the English culture. It makes it seem like you can be really free as you have a tendency to be able to behave the way you want andRead More

England and Wales

The rights transsexuals may expect with regard to their family under Article 8, which encompasses family law as a well as a right to respect for a private life, have come under increasing scrutiny in the last 10 years. X, Y and Z v United Kingdom60 concerned a transsexual ‘father’Read More

The financial situation of England

The above incidents helped shape the future of Woolworth’s Early on 19 November 2008, The Times first reported that the Woolworths’ retail business was a target for restructuring specialist Hilco, who would buy the retail arm for a nominal; this was confirmed later the same day. This deal would haveRead More

The witch-hunt in Early Modern England

There has been long established belief about witchcraft, which has never been disputed. The belief in maleficium, which is the practice of harmful magic, has been entrenched in popular belief since before the Middle Ages. However, the idea of diabolism didn’t really arise in English popular fear, because there wasRead More

Viking activity in England

‘The scale of the raids, the density of the settlements and the degree of destruction have been greatly exaggerated’. Discuss this assessment of Viking activity in England in the ninth and tenth centuries.The entry in the northern version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for 793 tells how “In this year terribleRead More

Prime Minister of England

Firstly, what is science? There are numerous possible answers to that, one of which could be “Is it to question, observe, and hypothesize about what we see or at least think we can see?” Over the millennia scientists have used tools and instruments to observe, conduct experiments, to record data fromRead More

The tender laws of England

Dickens talks about “a pauper old woman, who was rendered rather misty by … an unwonted allowance of beer” and a parish surgeon who did such matters “by contract”. Dickens is trying to say about the appalling and uncaring and inadequate medical attention in workhouses. Boards generally employed the cheapestRead More

Why I want to be an Engineers

I always knew that I wanted to work as an engineer; but I also knew my traditional family would not be so pleased. Born in a family with full of successful business man and women, I was often discourage to do anything except business. To my father, an engineer isRead More

Victorian England

Charles Dickens the author of ‘Great Expectations’ was born in 1812 in Portsmouth; he was the second child of six. His father was a clerk in the Navy pay office; he was often in debt and ended up in Marshabea prison. Charles was lucky enough in such difficult circumstances toRead More

Century England

In the Victorian Era, the three main classes in society were the elite class, the middle class, and the working class; however, further divisions existed within these three class distinctions. In addition, social class was not solely dependent upon the amount of money a person had; money, manners, speech, clothing,Read More


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