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The American Council on Education

Although it requires more times, expenses and human resources to be run, “Karami et al (2004) stated that, it should be viewed as an investment to increase human resource capabilities which contribute to the successful achievement of its goals and objectives in landscape as there is a strong and positiveRead More

Pearson Education Limited British Airways

Both airlines are increasing what they have to offer for their customers, showing customer care is a primary focus. EasyJet does not offer any cargo business and are a European operation. Even though EasyJet only operate in the UK and Europe they have been successful. Their success is due toRead More

Pearson Education

The similarities between the two are, that they both have the view that action is important in cognitive development. But where they differ is that Vygotsky believes that instruction is an essential part of learning where Piaget believes that it is more the motivation of the child and less adultRead More

Unemployment and from health to education

Official statistics can be used as a general research tool covering topics ranging from the economy to unemployment and from health to education. As far as criminal statistics are concerned, the major method of measurement is through the collation of these official figures, collected by the police and published annuallyRead More

Role of educating onto organisations

Whilst “Eastern” religions, such as Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism continue to have a large impact on cross-national trade and relations it would appear that the impact of Christianity with respect to its social and economic significance is deteriorating. Organizations that operate internationally have to be increasingly aware of the political contextRead More

Sex Education

This essay will be reviewing an article which observes the opinions of young people aged 15 and 16. It will examine the views the young people have on sex education and their interactions in single-sex or mixed-sex groups. The research completed for this article was part of the RIPPLE study.Read More

Multicultural education

At the sound of multicultural education being discussed in the whims and conversational buzzes of educational conferences, it is assumed that it is defined as incorporating various cultures in the curriculum to create a respect and understanding for people of various cultural backgrounds. However, there has been an increase inRead More

Under-Perform In Education

The school system and the performance of pupils within it, has been a focus for much attention, in particular there has been a long standing debate about the under-achievement of black and ethnic minority pupils at school. We need to look at why this group in our society are underperformingRead More

Bilingual Education

“This is an English-speaking country, like it or not… the thing we’ve got to focus on is understanding that children need to learn to read and speak good English. You will get the biggest applause for that among communities where children don’t speak English. Parents want their children to learnRead More

Local Education Authorities

It was in the 1980’s and 1990s that LEAs (Local Education Authorities) were introduced to broader funding regulations and they had to provide education and welfare to outreach services which include travellers and gypsies, however this was met with prejudices not only from the schools linked to the challenges theyRead More


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