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Economic situation.

When the GDP falls for 6 months or more, this is technically known as a recession. Although we are not officially in a recession now the GDP has not grown so many businesses are struggling because of demand falling and profits down. Some companies have reported good profits eg TescosRead More

Describe the main features of the economic boom in the 1920’s?

During the 1920’s the U. S. A. experienced an economic boom. This was caused by the world’s newly found technology and production methods. Probably the biggest and most important of these new products was the T-Ford made by Henry Ford. He came up with the new method of manufacturing calledRead More

Economic Reasons

Economically women depend on men while children depend own their parents. Women are most dependent on the spouse for economic well being. Having children to take care of, should she leave the marriage, increases the financial burden and makes it all the more difficult for women to leave. ‘Dependency meansRead More

Economic Factors Primary Cause for War in Yugoslavia

The War in Yugoslavia is best described as a, “modern war” (Clark, 1991, 419). The disintegration of Yugoslavia is still being debated and usually one comes across ethnic, political and social factors being put forth as the main causes. Rarely does one come across a discussion based on the economicRead More

The Economic impact of the winter olympic in Vancouver

In order to increase whole elements of a countries’ or organization welfare, a country’s government might take various policies such as tight money policies, policies to increase full employment, policies that encourage the use of technological to drive more output, and many other policies. Concerning the many kinds of policies,Read More

Socio-cultural and economic

Kabila was assassinated in January 2001 by one of his bodyguards. Kabila’s administration named his son Joseph Kabila as the new president. After months of negotiations, in July 2003 Joseph Kabila established a power-sharing government, swearing in four new vice presidents and a new cabinet. Two of the new viceRead More