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A social and economic

What is also tied in with the hidden action of Moral Hazards is that of Monitoring Costs. This situation occurs when the borrower has more information that the lender in terms of the firms profits and cash flow. The lender does not immediately have access to the borrowers’ profit andRead More

Recent Economic Indicators

Gold has proven to be a strong performer up 16. 99% from September 11 2001 to September 11 2002. While gold continues to make gains, the US Dollar is down more than 7%, the Dow has fallen over 14%, S&P 500 down over 19% and the Nasdaq has the worstRead More

Economic conditions

An investigation in the role of prevalent economic conditions in the closing down of Woolworths’ chain of stores in England and its possible after effects. Aim The aim of this research is to examine the current economic situation in England and its role in the closure of the Woolworths’. TheRead More

Human Ecology

Each cycle began with a Plinian eruption, marking several centuries of activity. The last phase lasted between 1631 and 1944 that included relentless lava flows and inconsequential explosions. Nonetheless, these Plinian eruptions are extremely consequential, with their high explosivity, high eruption rates and large volumes of erupted magma, they areRead More

Economic self reliance

Historically, women have contributed substantially to the social and economic development of the country. They have handled different situations with strength and unity. There has been a marked shift in thinking both at the level of policy for women and also the level of implementation of policies for women. Microfinance,Read More

Econometrics Ordinary Least Squares Coursework

a) Population Regression Function vs Sample Regression Function. The Population Regression Function (PRF) is a description of the model that is thought to be generating the actual data and it represents the true relationship between the variables. The PRF embodies the true values of i?? 1 and i?? 2, andRead More

Romania’s economic expansion between 1999 and 2003.

Located in Southeastern Europe by some accounts and in Central Europe by others, Romania benefits from an enviable strategic position. The country also enjoys generous access to the Black Sea (Bartleby. com, 2000). These geographical coordinates have played and will continue to play a significant role in the context ofRead More

The role of the financial sector in economic development

The topic of my essay covers one of the most distinguished areas in the theory of economics – financial sector. There is an enormous corpus of literature dedicated to this particular aspect and it was my intention to review only those that are very closely related to the role ofRead More

Structural Economic Changes

Demographics, changes in lifestyles, technology, and political and regulatory environment will affect the cash flow and risk prospects of telecommunication industry. The study of demographics includes much more than population growth and age distributions. Demographics also includes the geographical distribution of people, the changing ethnic mix in a society, andRead More

The greatest economic system

After the failures in the early part of 2000, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 has been signed into legislation. This act has made a board committee to oversee public accounting firms as well as set standard practices for those firms. It also has made law that CEOs and CFOs mustRead More


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