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A dream of a person

Home is a dream of a person that shows the quantity of efforts, sacrifices luxuries and above all gathering funds little by little to afford one’s dream. Buying a home of one’s own is every individual’s first step in life. Many banks provide home loans whether commercial banks or financialRead More

American Beauty – American Dream

Ricky is a puzzling figure in the movie. What is your view of his character and role in the film? How is this made clear to the viewer? American Beauty illustrates ones strive towards happiness and beauty. Ricky, a puzzling figure, plays a significant role in the movie viewing beautyRead More

Dreams and Reality Essay

Dreams and Reality In order to discuss this topic, I would like to put the main focus on lucid dreaming. How do we distinguish what we see to what we “see” when we dream? How we see things in real life is not just through perception, but you create theRead More

Combine the sensuous and the sexual in stanza

Keats uses imagery to appeal to the senses stanza’s 25 and 26. He also uses description that is sexually oriented in some way. For example in stanza 25 he writes “And threw warm gules on Madeline’s fair breast,” here we can see how uses the description of the “warm” andRead More

Hopes and dreams

Hopes and dreams help people to escape the harsh realities of their ordinary lives. To what extent is this statement true in ‘Of mice and men’? ‘Of Mice and Men’ is a novel written in the year 1937 when the whole of America was suffering from the great depression andRead More

Renfields’ dreams

In act two, scene two, the dramatist adds a new character, Renfield, and to convey horror he has been put in and asylum and he collects flies and spiders. He feeds the flies to the spiders and waits until the spiders are fat enough and he eats them! I thinkRead More

The Canterbury Tales

The Nun’s Priest’s Tale finalizes the distinction between the three wives in “The Canterbury Tales. ” An old widow along with her two daughters lives in a small cottage near a meadow. The widow keeps a magnificent rooster named Chaunticleer. “In all the land, for crowing, he’d no peer. HisRead More

Fancy tunic

We can also see humour in Absolon in the way that he dresses. From line 205 it describes him in almost as much detail as how Alison is described. He has ‘wyndow corven on his shoos’ (elegant patterned shoes), ‘In hoses rede he wente fetisly’ (red stockings), Ful faire andRead More

The American Dream

Miller makes the ending of ‘Death of a Salesman’ effective in terms of presenting the failures of the ‘American Dream’ by creating a tragedy of Willy Loman. Willy successfully commits suicide and the Loman family are now left with his life insurance money. In general the play is about money,Read More

Why do we dream

The idea of task-based learning is that students are given a substantial task or set of tasks to complete from which they will learn about a particular part of the specification. Students carry out the assignment set them, sometimes on their own, other times in small groups, by following guidelinesRead More


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