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A View from the Bridge

At the beginning of Act Two, family disorder truly begins to become apparent. Eddie’s drunken entrance interrupts a romantic moment between Rodolfo and Catherine, ‘In a moment EDDIE appears. He is unsteady, drunk’. The unsteadiness can represent the instability of the home, and the audience gets the impression that somethingRead More

Dramatic and tragic

An example of someone who knows the truth, but will no let it be known for his own selfish reasons, is Danforth. While Danforth does not come into the play until much later, I still think he is blameworthy. He is a clever man and must have been aware ofRead More

Exciting and dramatic

In Act 4 the audience sees a difference between Parris and Hale. They both were ministers of God, but so different. Parris is more worried about his reputation than the town, villagers and the truth. In Act 1 he does not want villagers to find out what the girls wereRead More

Crucible Essay – What is the dramatic significance of Act 2

Consider the effects of character and action; the effect of dramatic devices; the layers of meaning in language, ideas themes; the historical context. Act two begins in the common room of The Proctors household. It has been eight days since Abigail and the girls made their accusations against the innocentRead More

The dramatic parts

The dramatic parts of the storyline in Act 1. are when Betty wakes up and wants to fly out of the window in order to find her mum who is dead. The subsequent quote shows that Betty must be ill as no sane person would attempt to jump out ofRead More

The dramatic devices

And, as seen in his reply, he does not take the comment by Francis very nicely. “Do you know who I am, Mr Nurse? ” Danforth then carries on to go through all the death warrants he has signed and how many people are in jail upon signature, trying toRead More

The dramatic impact of the character of Danforth

The climax of The Crucible is the accusing of the Proctors for being involved in witchcraft. The Proctors try to get their servant to confess what she did in the forest with the other girls. When the trail reaches court she turns her back on the Proctor and returns toRead More

Dramatic techniques

The next dramatic technique I am going to look at is the dialogue and its sub-textual meanings. The first part of the play contains some dialogue that creates tension for example when Eddie, Catherine and Beatrice are waiting for Marco and Rodolfo to arrive they have a conversation about ”Read More

Dramatic Devices

Tension is built up more directly through speech in the scene. One example of this is Eddie’s implied hostility towards Rodolpho, illustrated when he says “I know lemons are green, for Christ’s sake! ” The audience knows this underlying conflict will inevitably lead to a direct confrontation, which creates tension.Read More

Tense and dramatic

What makes the end of Act I so tense and dramatic? What differences are there between the end of Act I with the end of Act II? ‘A View From The Bridge’ is an elegant 20th century tale of love, betrayal, lawlessness, jealously and tragedy. The play is set in theRead More