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French Drama Commentary

The passage upon which is the center of discussion is taken from Act one, scene one of Moli�re’s theatrical 17th century comedy Dom Juan. In this scene we are introduced to Sganarelle who is a servant to main Character Dom Juan, and we see chauffeur of Done Elvire, Gusman onRead More

To what extent Abigail’s Party a naturalistic play

‘Abigail’s Party’ written by Mike Leigh was first performed in 1977. The play appears to have no obvious plot and is set in Lawrence and Beverly’s house. The play opens as Beverly prepares for a drinks party for their neighbours. A married couple, Angela and Tony, are invited, as isRead More

Discussing Audience

Audience is a word used to describe people that consume media products; the readers of newspapers, the listeners of radio and the watchers of TV. Passive audience: those who take in everything the see, hear or read – like a sponge. Active audience: those who consume media products but makeRead More

You Cannot Act The System- Stanislavski

I think that by this Stanislavski meant that his system for an actors performance and preparation of a role is designed so that actors can create as much of a convincing performance as possible so to make the audience feel that what is being acted on stage is real. IfRead More

Jaws making

“Sublime terror rests in the unseen- the ultimate horror. Things seen, fully described, explained, and laid to rest in the last reel or paragraph are mere horrors, the weakest of which are the merest revulsions over bloodshed and dismemberment… “(Rockett, ‘Perspective’ in Journal of Popular Film and Television volume 10Read More