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Dramatically effective

Discuss the ways in which the final scene in act one from “A View from the Bridge” is dramatically effective.┬áMiller makes the final scene in act one so dramatically effective by using every conversational topic to build up this tension right up until the end when tension is paramount. ThroughoutRead More

The Speckled Band John Walsh

Writers of crime stories have to make the reader feel tense and excited to keep them interested. Arthur Conan Doyle makes the story interesting and tense by introducing key scenes which include firstly at Baker Street when Holmes rushes into Watson’s bedroom, Dr. Roylotts sudden arrival, Dr. Roylotts brutal behaviourRead More

Themes contained in the theatrical drama of ‘A view form the bridge’

Marco, although conventionally masculine, is still able to cause a conflict with Eddie or should I say Eddie is, still able to cause a conflict with Marco. Marco and Eddie conflict because Marcos manliness overshadows that of Eddie and this makes Eddie feel threatened. When Marco first arrives Arthur MillerRead More

Dracula and the blizzard

Frequent references to the unpleasant weather outside suggest to the reader that it is the raging blizzard that is the real danger. When the stranger, Lumley, comes into the bar, it is said that “another fifteen minutes out there might have been enough to kill him”, which gives a menacingRead More

Crucible 20th Century Drama

Beginning with the opening scene in act II, explore the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor and show how it creates dramatic interest in the play as a whole. The Crucible contains jealousy, lust, suspicion and bitterness which symbolises the time in which it was written, the author Arthur MillerRead More

Tension and drama

Tension and drama is then built up again slightly later on in the act when John Proctor enters the courthouse with Mary Warren, this is on the matter of the needle and the poppet. Proctor states that Mary “Never saw no spirits”, this line is met by great surprise byRead More

Francis Nurse and Giles

By this quote Hathorne wants the two men (Francis Nurse and Giles) arrested for contempt of court and this subsequently makes Danforth begin to listen to them. I personally think Danforth does this to remind the audience and other cast members just how important he is. While this is goingRead More

The Crucible: Devices Used To Create Hysteria

Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” is superficially about the story of how one girl, of the lowest class, created paramount chaos in a brief time span, in the small town of Salem, Massachusetts. The girl, named Abigail, manipulated the townspeople to become stricken with fear and terror. Underneath this external layerRead More

The Crucible

During this scene, there are instances where one or two words can have a dramatic effect on someone’s state of mind. For example, when Hale asks John to recite the Ten Commandments, he remembers all of them, except ‘Do Not Commit Adultery’. Because this is the commandment he has broken,Read More

Tragic hero

The Crucible as a drama effectively explores and treats the problems of envy and jealousy. These two problems are personified by the character Abigail. Abigail is vehemently jealous of Elizabeth Proctor and of course, her relationship with John Proctor, and in Act One ‘drinks a charm to kill her’. AsRead More