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Development reports and concepts

In Shell’s 2002 triple bottom line reporting, GRI’s guideline has been generally followed. However, in its principle and policy statement, it is also clearly stated that successful guideline should be specific for each industry sector and meaningful measuring and reporting should combine quantitative measures with more in -depth reporting onRead More

Declaration on Sustainable Development

To achieve practical SD, when confronted with contradictory and competing interests, trade-offs may be required72 by taking into account each interests importance73 ie how efficiently we use resource energy and materials v labour productivity and environmental impact. Legislative instruments have been passed to implement Government Sustainable Development policies in additionRead More

Moral Development

Lawrence Kohlberg, philosopher of morality, theorizes that human beings develop morals in stages, progressing consecutively from one stage to the next in an invariant sequence (Bee, 2004, p. 314). His model consists of three levels and a total of six stages (Bee, 2004, p. 314). These stages are extremely accurate,Read More

Development environment

According to The Code Project Web side the following figure shows what the Project Life-Cycle consists of: The DSDM development process consists of 7 phases. The first one is before the project has officially started. Then there are the project studies, which in this document are considered to be oneRead More

Difference stages of development

According to the theories about human learning (Bruner et al 1973), every individual learns differently, these differences arise from different personal factors such as personality, motivation, memory, cognitive awareness etc. people also learn differently to according to the nature of thing that is learnt. Our team came together for aRead More

Homage or parody

As DePalma’s career in film spans from the 60s to the present day, it would be impossible to refer to his entire body of work in detail, therefore this essay will focus particularly upon two of his notable works from the 1970s, Phantom of the Paradise (DePalma, 1974) and CarrieRead More

Compare of Calculus

Essay (2): Compare Newton and Leibniz’ work on calculus, and contrast their approaches to the fundamental theorem of calculus. Discuss at least one example of a previously unsolved problem that was solved using calculus by Newton or Leibniz. The development of infinitesimal calculus followed a long and uneven path stretching fromRead More

Discuss the Contention that Landscape Development

Landscapes are constantly changing. Whether it is a local landscape, a country or the entire planet, landscapes are changing. The current position of the earths land masses have changed over millions upon millions of years from one super-continent 160 million years ago, to the almost fully dispersed positions they areRead More

Theories of human development

There are many different Theories of human development. Each theory provides a framework of general principles that can be used to interpret our observations. George Boeree (1997, p. 1) states ‘theory is a model of reality that helps us to understand, explain, predict and control that reality’. The interpretation ofRead More

Psychological Development

Piaget and Vygotsky opinions differ regarding the importance social interaction plays in the area of speech and thought. Piaget believed that cognitive development precedes social speech, that speech is just a mental representation of intelligence and plays no significant part in a child’s acquisition of cognitive development. Piaget drew thisRead More


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