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Design of the storyline

The use of objects to symbolize inner conflict can be extremely crucial to the plot of a movie. In “High Fidelity”, Spike Jonze characterizes Rob’s inner conflicts through inanimate objects, ideas, and situations. Rob begins going through some of Laura’s clothes that she has left at his place when heRead More

ABBA design

Based on Treisman’s attention theory and his attenuator experiment which claims that all messages reach the selective filter where one message is selected to pay attention to. Treisman, a colleague of Broadbent thought that all other messages which reach the selected filter are not blocked out but are instead turnedRead More

Design of a variable resistor

1. We found out that the thicker the copper wire it has less resistance, and thinner the copper wire it has more resistance. We also found out that shorter the wire it has less resistance, and longer the copper wire it has more resistance. We found out that the thinnest copper wire,Read More

Design Has to work

All products evoke some sort of emotion, be it good or bad, strong or weak, wanted or unwanted. The most essential factor is whether or not it can communicate its use. The product must demonstrate its purpose and the way in which it is to be used. As a result,Read More

Mechanical Engineering Design Guide

Pronounced dead at the scene of the crime, poor Johnny is found lying face up on the dance floor, perhaps slipped from his rooftop to the unforgiving stiff dance floor below. Would such a fall have been possible? Or was young Johnny a victim of foul play? The coefficient ofRead More

Design of a car

After the three scenes I think the viewer would have an indication of what is being implied within this advertisement. After a fairly long build up the advert enters the fourth and last section in which the product is exposed. The setting for the last scene is somewhere fairly isolatedRead More

Method – Design

Moscovici & Facheaux’s aim was to see if and how a minority affects conformity to the majority. They were being tested for eyesight and colour vision. The group of 6 were shown 36 slides, which were all different shades of blue, and were asked to speak out the colour ofRead More

Design and create a working program

Know i will use screenshots to prove whether the tests above were correct. The first screenshot below demonstrates that undercoat additional was included into the total price: The following screenshot below shows, when the total area button is clicked, it then displays the area of the room in the label next toRead More

The use of sound enhances interface design

By selecting a multimedia systems environment and an office type system’s environment, discuss the following in the context of each interface’s typical users. The use of sound enhances interface design It is a fact that most of the technological innovations rely upon User Interface Design in order to elevate theirRead More

Final Design

I have decided to the use the font ‘Comic Sans MS’ as the general font in my website as it is not attractive, it is not dull and it is clearly legible. I will use a minimum font size of 8; this is to ensure the vast majority of peopleRead More


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