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Popular culture

Television reaches all tops audiences. This is why companies and corporations use it to their advantage, promoting a certain product. Advertising is a multibillion-pound industry and in many businesses, sales volume depends on the amount of advertising done. Manufacturers try to persuade people to buy their products. Business firms useRead More

Wrestling and Reality Culture

“Live tonight, an Inferno match between the Undertaker and Kane! Plus, an evening gown match, the loser gets stripped down to their panties and bra!” What kind of show would produce such insane events? Does America really care to see these events take place? Not only is this type ofRead More

Homeric culture

A great deal of information into Hektor’s character can be gathered from book six as this book revolves around him. Here we see Hektor in many lights as he interacts with several people. How a character is perceived by others in particular “close ones” is interesting as true accounts ofRead More

What is culture?

What is culture? It may be described as ‘ideas, benefits and values that form a conceptual framework’ (Gertz & Gertz 1975:2-3) Culture can also be described as a pattern of taken-for-granted assumptions about how a given collection of people think, acts and feel that affects how they produce goods andRead More

Youth Culture In Parts

The story of Alex is a much-exaggerated representation of how youth culture can rule over the more civilised adult world if left unchecked. Throughout the novel Burgess shows how youths are capable of great evil if they are allowed to do so from an early age and so reminds theRead More

National and Organizational Culture

Human Resources Development, Employment, and Globalization in hotel, catering and tourism sector. International Labor Organization. [Online] Available from The concept of globalization is widely applicable in industries of hotel, catering and tourism that are in a way interrelated. The report by ILO presents a comprehensive review of hotel and tourismRead More

Do we have global culture?

There are significant resonances here with academic depictions of globalization. I have argued elsewhere that an ‘economic-homogenization’ model of globalization is becoming increasingly dominant, in both academic and popular usage, which focuses attention on the improved combination of the global economy and its homogenizing effects on state policy and cultureRead More

The Veda and Indian Culture

In the Diwali story, the gods represent positive tendencies in men and the demons the negative tendencies, but indeed not demonic but very human tendencies. One must remember that Narakasura is in fact the dear son of the goddess of Earth, Bhudevi. To pull himself out the state of ignoranceRead More