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Death of a salesman coursework

In ‘In death of a salesman’ we see an optimistic salesman, Willy Loman, in the last 48 hours of his life. The play has frequent flashbacks to Willy’s past that are representative of how Willy is having a nervous breakdown and later commits suicide. We see Willy as a brokenRead More

English Coursework

For this piece of English Coursework I am doing a “Pot Noodle” Advert. The “Pot Noodle” Advertisements that I am doing is revolved around sexual pleasure. Pot noodles is shown as a product which releases your pleasure, i.e. they taste so good it feels like you’re having sexual pleasure. This isRead More

The Vanished Fiancée-coursework

We have been working on a poem by John Thompson called ‘The Vanished Fianc�e’ about a bride who disappears on her wedding day. In the poem issues raised were friendship, dishonesty and feelings of loneliness and being heartbroken/stood up. At the end of the module we devised a five minute play aboutRead More

English Media Coursework

Examine the article relating to the “Kilroy” story in a broadsheet (The Times) and the tabloid (Express) newspapers. What similarities are there in the style of reporting of this story in both newspapers? What possible deductions can you make about the readership of theses newspapers? We are looking at twoRead More

English Coursework

In this essay I will discuss arguments for and against the statement that Act 3 Scene 2 is the ‘pivotal’ scene in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream. The events which take place in this scene are somewhat erratic and confusing so I will try to break them down into moreRead More

English Media Coursework

In the following essay, I will be analysing and comparing three car advertisements. These will be for the following cars: ‘The Bean’ a car produced in 1923 and aimed at the upper middle class men of the time, the ‘Renault Laguna’ a car produced in the mid nineteen-nineties aimed atRead More

Aural and Spatial Coursework

I recently directed a short dialogue from the play ‘Our Country’s Good’ which required me to think about every aspect of the performance, including props and the actor’s movements. I will explain what I did and why in terms of staging, speech and the set. Things like lighting and largeRead More

For my sensor project coursework I will be investigating a thermistor

Gardeners in Britain use greenhouses so that they can grow their plants in a warmer environment than that outside the greenhouse. This is to try to protect the plants from frost and animals, whilst the seeds germinate and grow, and plants are stored. After this period, plants can be putRead More


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