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Planning and Control

For an organisation planning is being effective in the setting of realistic, understandable, achievable and assessable goals, if the plan fails in any one aspect then the organisation strategy is unlikely to succeed. Any manager within the organisation needs to ensure that a plan is clearly defined, the processes areRead More

Production Control

The Engineering department is responsible for designing new models. They prepare budget for new model; plan for new model facilities; coordinate trial build of new model; ensure new model fits and works; ensure new model quality is high; handover new model to production. Engineering department also ensure facility supports production;Read More

Design control

WBC wants to retain the production design control and so needs collocation space that can be designed to its requirements. This is in part due to the security need of the company but with design control of production, they can also be assured of using the design that proves mostRead More

Spans of control and scalar chain

Flour Daniels’ opted to implement a decentralised structure largely due to them being forced by the changing environment, and as a result of this they merged and became much larger in size. In order to assess this new structure Flour Daniels’ would have considered the nature of the product andRead More

Explores economic control

Both Offred and Winston experience a restriction of self expression. Offred is not allowed to read or write, even unnecessary speech is illegal. When Offred is in the Commander’s office, he gives her a magazine. On seeing the magazine, Offred is shocked “I thought such magazines had been distorted” thisRead More

Lost control

Sikes journey home doesn’t take to long, just one paragraph. There is no description of the surroundings which is very different to the rest of the story or the entire book at that matter. I think the reason for why Dickens kept the journey so short was to show howRead More

Nagging and flattery

Alison refers to her first three husbands as being old, rich and good. Alison always wanted her freedom to do what she wanted and to have affairs when she pleased. She easily outwitted her old husbands through nagging and flattery, when she pretended to be jealous. “Yet tikled I his herte,Read More

Business control

When the inspector arrives, Sheila’s inquisitive nature comes to light when she says, “What business, what’s happening?” and on the same line as this, the stage directions command you to come further into the room. I feel that you should look at all of the actors on the stage. YouRead More

Unobtrusively in control

At the engagement party, she is unobtrusively in control – dealing with the servants (p.2), smoothing over a moment of awkwardness when Sheila does not answer Gerald (p.3), prompting Birling to propose the toast (p.3) and reminding him not to talk shop with Gerald (p.4), and with drawing to allowRead More

Control of the males

Catherine is a young developing woman but is still very nave. Eddie has kept her shielded from the real world and Catherine doesn’t understand that men are looking at her in a different way and getting ideas. She doesn’t know or understand that not everybody you meet in life areRead More


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