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Computer repair consultancy firm

I write with reference to your letter asking about how to set up a business in a computer repair consultancy firm. I have researched about many types of business you could take up on, below are your options and reasons why you should or should not take on these typesRead More

Computers in today’s society advantage or disadvantage?

In today’s world computers are necessary. Without computers our modern world would fall apart. Humans could not cope with the workloads that would be excreted on them. Without computers we would loose half of our modern world. People do not realize the amount of work computers do for us inRead More

Computer and laptop

Gareth Davies is an accountant. They make money by saving companies money. He can work from using many different types of technology that aid him in everyday work. He can work from home using the computer and laptop to store all his work and uses a remote desktop connection toRead More

Human Computer Interaction

As he does his satirical attacks in drawing/painting, his rivals does him the same courtesy in print, attacking his perceptions that he is an authority in aesthetics. He was even alleged of plagiarism and many notes that his Line of Beauty was preposterously simplistic and unsophisticated. During this time theRead More

The computer manufacturers

Although the speed difference is significant, there is not much impact into the computer manufacturers. It will be just like an increase the operating frequency of a single-core processor. They will again ship these computers with new improve processors into the market, and the speed hungry consumer will simply devourRead More

Of Humans and Computers

Chapters 10 to 12 of the fascinating book, The Age of Spiritual Machines, dealt with the predictions of how powerful a $1000 computing device will be on the year 2019, year 2029, and 2099. That’s about 10-90 years from now. In Chapter 10, a $1000 computing device will approximately haveRead More


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