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Specific heat of a solid

Conclusion: differently from what was expected the value for specific heat capacity (c) was closer to the real one when working without the insulator. This happened mainly because when doing the experiment with only the aluminium block, a certain quantity of energy was lost to the surroundings, but when functioningRead More

Search for my Tongue comparison

From reading both of the poems I can see that both of the poems describe how they have either lost or are losing part of their identity. Identity can mean anything from our age, gender, race, personality, religion, social position, language or even personality. Identity is either what makes aRead More

Comparing a television version

The production that I viewed of “An Inspector Calls” was a television version. I occasionally feel that television versions sometimes kill the intentions, to entertain and to stimulate the audience. When I read “An Inspector Calls” I had a version in my head to help me imagine the play in theRead More

Comparison of the doctor and the shipman

The Doctor of physic and the shipman appear as two completely different people, at first that is. Until one looks at the actual subtleties we don’t see what the have in common. Chaucer describes them one after the other aiding an comparison and so we do. The shipman is a roughRead More

Jennifer Lopez

For this essay the writter is going to write about two adverts, Advertising the perfumes ‘Anais Anais’ by cacharel of Paris and ‘GLOW’ by celebrity Jennifer Lopez. In this piece of writing the writer will use different examples to explain certain techniques used in these adverts. In this case theRead More

Comparing two adverts both for migraine tablets

The two adverts that I have chosen are both for migraine tablets. The first advert is advertising migraleve. The name of this product is quite cleverly done, as it is a mixture of two words migraine and relieve. This may have been done to show that it deals with migrainesRead More

Morning song and catrin comparison essay

Before the actual birth, Clarke looks out of the window at ‘The people and cars’ doing what they do on a normal day where as she is about to experience one of the most significant events of her life. I think she mentions traffic lights because it kind of definesRead More

Comparison of the discrimination faced by two contrasting groups

Poverty and inequality can have many interpretations, but the way I view poverty is that it is a deprivation of those things that determine the quality of life, including clothing, food, shelter and safe drinking water, but also such aspects as the opportunity to learn, to engage in meaningful employment,Read More

Comparison of Spooks and The Professionals

Over the years, TV programming has improved in quality, and has had to change to meet the standards of modern life. In this essay I will be looking at the comparisons between a show from the 1970’s and a show from the present time. (The Professionals, and Spooks). I willRead More

Comparison between contrasting soaps

There are several Genres within soaps these include comedy, horror mainly reality and many more. Some scenes in Eastenders and Emmerdale are funny and cheer you up and you can look back on them and still chuckle but, then again some of the scenes and story lines thought up areRead More