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Orbit Ice White Chewing Gum

This is a type of chewing gum designed to help keep your teeth white. The audience that this product is aimed at is for both genders between the ages of about 14-40 years old. They will probably have a sporty, adventurous and outdoors personality. The representation for this advert isRead More

Analysis of graphs and data

This graph uses statistics collected from a questionnaire given to heathers target market (teenagers). As you can see from the graph most of her market spend between i?? 21-i?? 30 As we can see form the graph above most of Heathers target market but there jewellery from shops a smallerRead More

Materials that the company

There are materials that the company gives each employee to work with which is a knife, tweezers, glue, scissors and an object that is called “priem” which is used for taking out the old instruction papers for the medication so new one can be add. If someone gets cut byRead More

Company recognisable for consumers.

What alterations did you make as you were going along and what problems did you have? At the beginning of my specification, I was planning to use the printer offset lithography to print my brochure but I realised it was going to be too expensive. Therefore, I used a photocopierRead More

Private Limited Company

Being a sole trader is the easiest and most common form of business to set up. If Donald Powell decided to operate as a sole trader, he would be the owner and manager of his own business. Being a sole trader has its advantages and disadvantages. If Donald Powell were toRead More

Your computer company

Explain the terms above and why this may be the “minimum specification” for the intended purpose. State what other options are available, which may be better in the long term. Intel Pentium Processor II is a silicon chip that contains a CPU (central processing unit) also called a microprocessor. Sometimes referredRead More

TV Company and also on the point of advertisement

Also with the game being shown live on TV the clubs are able to charge the TV company money to show the game on their channel, bringing in more finances into the club, also the coverage promotes their players and gives other clubs chances to watch players that they mightRead More

Private Limited Company

As we all know sole trader is a type of business owned by one person and it is the simplest form of business organization. The owner of the business has complete control of his business and makes his own decisions in running the business. Many sole traders work on theirRead More

The history of the company

Research a public limited company, using a range of sources (newspapers, websites, the company’s annual report and accounts). Present your information in report format (list the sources that you have used at the end of your report). In order to complete a report on Tesco I will need to describeRead More

Designer Clothes Company

For my coursework I have decided to use the different media codes and conventions I have learnt in module two, to create an advertising campaign for a clothes wear company in particular an autumn jacket product. I am going to use the ‘lifestyle format where the product is at theRead More