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Boston Beer Company

To value Boston Beer Company using comparable companies, we have decided to look at two companies that are in the same industry as BBC and have recently gone public: Pete’s Brewery Company and Redhook Ale Brewery. Operation Structure Both Pete’s and BBC are contract brewers which allow them to takeRead More

A Plc company

Since converting to a Plc company, Halifax has the freedom to offer many different types of financial services to new and existing customers who are today more sophisticated and aware of financial services that are available. The customer needs of financial services has increased greatly. Halifax has developed many productsRead More

Company’s reputation

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock undergoes one of the countless tests he subjected himself to while filming his first feature, “Super Size Me. ” During the film, which examines the obesity epidemic overcoming America, Spurlock took the fast track to becoming an obese American and ate nothing but McDonald’s for 30 daysRead More

The company or cash collection

Considering only the period post recession for analysis, from the ratios depicted above we can see that asset turnover, fixed asset turnover and working capital turnover all have reduced. This can be attributed both to a decrease in sales as well as the increase in assets. We must note atRead More

A small molecule company

Failure of the ENHANCE clinical trial exemplifies Merck’s ability to overcome setbacks that could put them under water. Data Monitor states that in 2002 Zetia/Vytorin, a drug that lowers cholesterol provided a positive distraction to the revenue loss caused by their Vioxx and Zocor brands. Yet in the face ofRead More

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer currently have a total debtor’s amount of 2,455,400,000. , this amounting stating how much money is owed to them by customers and other businesses. If as a company, they can assure that every debtor will pay they money owed in time. Then the figures can be usedRead More

Corus plc company

Corus plc turnover for the last financial year was  9. 509 billion, however there overall net profit was -974 million, the reason for this loss is due to the companies high operating costs. They occurred a massive 10. 542 billion in operating cost for the last financial year. This canRead More

The company claims

BMW are currently developing alternate fuel cars that, the company claims, release zero emissions. This sounds like a fantastic breakthrough however, what BMW is not telling the public is that the emission this car was tested for was Carbon Monoxide not CO2. This could lead to uninformed consumers purchasing aRead More

Distrust in the company

Before downsizing, Bon Bon’s plan to downsize and why it must do so must be told to the workforce early. This will give the employees that may be dismissed an opportunity to prepare for their futures and less of a feeling of uncertainty with their situation. It will also giveRead More

Brand image of the company

The second main strategic issue facing Standard Life is the demographics of the population in relation to the change in the working population over the next 20 years and the effect this will have on consumer demand and the company’s survival. Consumer demand is constantly changing, you can see patternsRead More