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Emergency community

Finally, it is in my strongest plea that I request, the following reforms to the Bail Act 1978 to address the issues relating to people with mental disabilities; 1. Information about bail rights to be available in language and formats that are easily understandable 2. The right to support, inRead More

Introduce different uniforms

There are two aspects to this planned change. The first one is to introduce different uniforms for different staff designations and the second change is to ensure the only people who are referred to as “nurse” are those who are registered or enrolled nurses. It is anticipated that the introductionRead More

Planned Community at Lake Saddleback

In this case it’s highly important to make the right decisions from the start. As I see it there are two possible ways to deal with this situation. Firstly (1), the project manager claims to have all the relevant information to handle the planning. If that is the case thenRead More

The local community

There are a number of performance indicators that can be used in schools and we shall outline these below, as well as any associated problems. Grades at GCSE & A-level would be an example of a performance indicator as it generally indicates the different levels of ability each student possesses.Read More

Sustainable communities report

The topic that our interdisciplinary team is working on is sustainable communities. Hugh (2000, p10) argues that sustainable communities are “communities planned, built or modified to promote sustainable living”. He also goes on to say “sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individuals or societies use ofRead More

Sustains the community

Rousseau’s preferred state is one without menacing outsiders or an already corrupt citizenry who require an external moral constraint to generate behaviour that sustains the community. According to Rousseau: “The discovery of the best rules of society would require a superior intelligence, who saw all of men’s passions yet experiencedRead More

The working class community

By the inspector being a time traveller he shows that people need to be aware of the changes in the world. Maybe at one point, the attitude of most people was very capitalist, but times must have changed and people must have started to see a more socialist point ofRead More

My role in the community

Preventing fight outbreaks, leading students into the dining area, making sure that student leave the premises safely and orderly, providing support for all teachers in and around school, these are just some of the responsibilities that prefects at Prestwich Arts College have to take on. And I am one ofRead More

Eddie’s community

This is apparent in the conversation about lemons and oranges. The stage directions say about Beatrice- (sitting, diverting their attention) and this is exactly what she does. She promptly asks Marco about his wife, breaking up what could have become a darker, more sinister argument. Rodolpho’s singing also creates friction. TheRead More

The local community

Priestley describes the Inspector, when he first appears on stage, in terms of ‘massiveness, solidity and purposefulness’ (p.11), symbolising the fact that he is an unstoppable force within the play. His ‘disconcerting habit of looking hard at the person he addresses before speaking’ (p.11) gives the impression that he seesRead More


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