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Language and Communication

There is a distinct difference between language and communication. The two express our feelings, our thoughts and intentions, but in very different ways. Language can be defined as distinctly human; either spoken or written, it is unique to our race. “Humans are designed to talk. Our entire species is definedRead More

Transparent and network wide communication

The company believes that transparency is always beneficial because it translates in to honesty and reliability. Hence a southwest airline has launched a blog known as “Nuts about Southwest” which is a forum where customers and employees communicate and discuss of their issues. There is a cultural committee set whichRead More

Effective employee communication

A closed internal recruitment system is defined as a structured system in the Human Resource Department of an organisation where by employees are not made aware of job vacancies. 2 Usually, in such system, the only persons who are aware of promotions or transfer opportunities are those who oversee placementRead More

Communication skills

Being a student can be very stressful for many different reasons. One of the pressures is the many deadlines and assessments, particularly if it is difficult to study. To me, I face many difficulties with how I cope with assignments and pressures of time, I do not know where toRead More

Non-verbal communication

People are often distracted, half listening, and half thinking about something else. When people find themselves in conflict, they try formulates response on what is being said to them. Non -verbal communication This can also be known as body language because this a way to covey message through the useRead More

Communication in interviews

The likes of Tony Blair and other important social figures down to Jeremy Kyle have successfully used non verbal communication to their advantage. Tony Blair purposely uses NVC to portray a positive and confident image of himself where as the likes of Jeremy Kyle look for signs of NVC toRead More

Arnold Communication

The initial segment which had been decided was the new Beetle would place into the small size segment. According to the research conducted by Arnold Communication, the fans of the car were from wide spectrum of customers across boundaries of age, income, and gender. In fact the target market appearedRead More

Theories of communication

There are number of theories about communication process but according to our need in this research we have described few which are given as follows. Laswell presented his theory of communication in 1948. It focussed on the idea of mass media and its efficiency rather than the information, thought andRead More

Written Communication

This task requires me to explain different methods of oral and written communication and how it is used within Robinson Brothers. I also have to give examples on how it uses ICT to communicate and operate. Communications are used in all types of businesses. There are different types of communications forRead More

Communication skills

A Pastoral Support Worker (PSW) is teacher specialised in working with students. A PSW doesn’t teach a particular subject such as Maths or History, they only there to support and guide the students. Angela is one out of the four pastoral support workers who works at Greenford High school. Her roleRead More


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