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Wales between the two world wars

Analyse the various responses to unemployment in Wales between the two world wars. Unemployment in the interwar period was of course, a major problem for not only the heavy industrialised areas of south Wales and the more agriculturalised west and north, but for Great Britain as a whole. However, itRead More

Stop the imminent civil war

Problem: Bolivia is perhaps one of the poorest nations in the world. Although it is rich in land and resources, it has endured wrong governance for too long. Its economy has been completely devastated over time because of corrupt presidencies, extortion among social classes and unhelpful neighbors. Thus, most peopleRead More

First World War

J.B Priestley manipulates his audiences in ‘An Inspector Calls’ by showing two ways of life in a community. Thus the rich way of life and the drab and sordid life that the poor are forced to live as the result of the actions of the rich people. He presents aRead More

Second World War

The reactions to the policy of evacuating children differed between three main groups of people. These groups were the children, the parents of the children and the foster parents. For some children it was a wonderful experience, but for others, unfortunately it was a living nightmare. Some of the positive reactions forRead More

Wayne’s war pictures

In Wayne’s war pictures, the message was unmistakable: one has a duty to his country and he has to do his best to perform it. In the 1949 film Sands of Iwo Jima which earned him his first nomination as Best Actor, Wayne portrayed Sergeant Stryker, a professional soldier whoRead More

World War II

The Korean War began as the product of the Cold War. This has been said to be the global political and diplomatic struggle between the Communist and Non-Communist systems right after the Second World War. In order to solve the problem, the first attempt by the two Koreas by militaryRead More

Women Army Nurses in Civil and World War II

Women before the war were oppressed in many ways; racial, political, social and gender. During World War II, women were given noble jobs as army nurses that served the country and changed lives of many. These women army nurses were trained like real soldiers. They were assigned to different partsRead More

Walter White

The Civil War was over and done with in the 19th century. African Americans were freed from slavery to join the Union Army. It was supposed to be a precedent that after the victory, all Black people will be emancipated. To a degree it did happen. But social equality wasRead More

Internal civil warcivil war

The Surrealists were also more than concerned with the human mind and its existence. The mind’s workings fascinated and enhcanted them. Yet, if the Renaissance painters were concerned with the triumphs of the mind, the domination of the human will – and thus, depicted this domination through the human’s struggleRead More

American Civil War

American Civil War according from Wikipedia was a bitter sectional clashed that commenced after the southern states of the United States promulgated their secession from the Union and formed the confederate States of America. The reason why there was an American War because of the complex issues of politics, disagreementsRead More


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