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Children’s Society

This is very literal and intended to immediately evoke the reader’s sympathy. Then we see the photograph; Karen’s posture alone is enough to create a feeling of sympathy. She is huddled up, which – as in the third article – suggests she cold, hungry, alone. Also, her head is leantRead More

Wise Children

Angela Carter’s ‘Wise Children’ is the fictional autobiography of Dora Chance, looking at both past experiences and, from the point of view of the author, real time events. It is written in the first person, from the point of view of Dora Chance, written in such a way as toRead More

Childrens TV presenters accommodate

My aims for this project are to explore fully what linguistic choices children’s TV presenters make in order to accommodate for their young participants and target audiences. This investigation will enable me to understand and explore the ways in which children’s TV presenters accommodate to the children they are interactingRead More

The effects it has upon children

Imagine studying divorce and the effects it has upon children. These kids act out as a result of aggression for many reasons, which include guilt, attention from the parents, and the inability to maintain a long-term relationship. They have lifelong issues, and do require some form of counseling, whether itRead More

Bilingual children

Results of the study will help educators find the best way to teach mathematics in which bilingual children will be able to understand and apply outside the classroom. In general, results of the study will help in finding the best way to teach children who are limited English proficient inRead More

All God’s Children

Brief history of James (Butch) Bosket: Butch Bosket was born and raised on Ninth Street in the African-American section of Augusta, Georgia. His father James was an alcoholic who beat on his wife and son. The father abandoned them and disappeared. Then his mother left Butch with his grandmother FrancesRead More