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Evacuation of Children

Source A is a picture taken of evacuees walking towards a station in 1938. The people are in London, where the most amount of people evacuated out of Britains major cities. The faces of the children are happy and optimistic as though they are looking forward to this process. TheRead More

Are the lives of children ‘socially constructed

Are the lives of children ‘socially constructed? ‘ What are the implications of this question for work with children and families? In this essay I aim to look at social construction within childhood. How childhood differs according to time and place. This essay will give clear examples of the conceptsRead More

Children of a lesser god By Tazeen Javed

A recent study carried out by PILER on brick-kiln workers revealed that most of the children work with their parents and are bonded since birth. Most children found on the brick kilns fall into the age group of 10-14. They are exposed to extremely high temperatures and brick dust, whichRead More

Dad, did someone kill Mummy

“Come on, it’s time to go.” Karl Wilson was trying to put on a brave face for his children eight year old Amy and ten year old Tom. Their mother had been murdered exactly three months ago; the murderer hadn’t been charged and Karl didn’t think he would be either-Read More

Don’t be a Sheep

In this essay I will be a comparing Ghost of a Chance by A Coulson and my TIE Play, “Don’t be a Sheep, a Goat”. I will be outlining the similarities and differences between the two and also comparing the cultural backgrounds of both. One of the main differences isRead More

Factory Hours for children

During the 18th century the government was interested in defending the country. On account of this they collected taxes and in law and order. They did not think it was their place to interfere in other people’s lives. The government thought that it was none of their business to sayRead More

Debate – Hitting Children, right or wrong?

I am going to be discussing whether hitting children is right or wrong and at the end I will say what I think. I will put forward points for and against for this subject. It is quite hard to say whether hitting children is right or wrong, as there areRead More

Understanding Children’s Development

There has been a huge amount of research into infants’ perception of objects including experiments into subjective contours, object unity, shape perception and size perception. This research has resulted in the emergence of contrasting views and has attracted both positive and negative attention. It seems that the general conclusion isRead More

Conditions for labouring children

Do these sources, and the site at Quarry Bank Mill, fully explain what working conditions were like for children in textile mills, such as the one at Quarry Bank Mill, in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries? Explain your answer with reference to your site study of Quarry BankRead More

High risk children

As study after study recognises these same risks and protective factors, researchers are calling for clinicians and service systems to shift from traditional approaches to establish new intervention efforts to prevent risks and promote protective factors (Rutter 1987). Pilot programs which pursue this direction show promise. For example, school-based programsRead More