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The Artful Dodger is the one who picked up Oliver off the streets; he is one of the older boys in part of the pick-pocketing team as well as Charley Bates who are ruled by Fagin. The Artful Dodger comes across to us as a young boy trying to beRead More

Charles Dickens Portray Deprivation

Oliver once again is not helped by the introduction of another workhouse employee Mr. Bumble. His first impression shows him as a violent, cruel and sadistic man when he kicks down the gate leading to the workhouse. He is shown as a extremely selfish man who is full of ownRead More

Charles Dickens and Lorenzo Carcaterra

‘A Safe Place’ is a modern novel about 1940’s New York. This is shown in the way it is written and the language that Lorenzo Carcaterra uses. Lorenzo Carcaterra had a poor education, speaking only Italian for the first years of his life. This shows in the language used inRead More

Charles Dickens

Great Expectations is a novel published in 1861 by Charles Dickens. The protagonist and narrator of the novel goes by the name of ‘Pip’. Pip is a young 8 year old boy who strives to be educated to impress the girl he loves, Estella. Rated as a middle class boyRead More

Fagin’s clothes

Dickens also describes Fagin’s clothes, what Fagin wears appears to make him look very poor. ” He was dressed in a greasy flannel gown, with his throat bare”. This is meant to make the reader know that Fagin or “the Jew” is poor and doesn’t dress particularly well, because atRead More

Nancy and Dickens

Later on in the chapter Nancy goes to see Rose and tell her about Oliver and she is the first person to show Nancy compassion, Rose is 20 years old and is someone who Nancy can trust. Rose is offering Nancy safety. Nancy sticks up for Sikes and states that sheRead More

Mirrors Dickens contempt for empiricism

“When Herod realised that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave orders to have all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity, who were two years old and under murdered, in accordance with what he had learnt from the Magi” This extract from the BibleRead More

The ID labels consist

For my English coursework I will be writing about my work experience, what I did, what I gained from it and what I have planned for my future? Initially, in my half-term holidays I did one week of work experience in Saint Charles Clifford Dental Hospital in Sheffield University, workingRead More

The de-humanising effects of the doctrine

The moment in which Loo would have jumped on her dad is ‘shot away into the plumbless depths of the past… lost opportunities that are drowned there. Once again this shows the bad qualities of fact as it ‘drowns’ these sentimental opportunities. Drown is an important word here because itRead More

Charles Dickens

On their way home Pip felt stupefied because he thought that the stranger would have something to do with him. Pip also feels that he should never have Magwitch in the first place because he feels a sign of guilt… “My old misdeed and old acquaintance”. This shows that helpingRead More


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