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Particle Characterisation

The arithmetic mean of f(x) relates the total length of all particles (places end to end in a line) to the total number of particles. Polydispersity may be quantified by the ratio of the volume mean diameter to the number mean diameter. Model descriptions of particle size distributions High speedRead More

How is each character introduced in Of mice and men?

In introduction of George into this novel is of a very cautious person “small and quick” this is further emphasised as he has “restless eyes” this could be because during the great depression there were many dangers therefore he had to look around and be cautious. Restless eyes could suggestRead More

Character Flaws 

In “To Please his Wife,” Joanna is unhappy that she is in a lower class than Emily. She feels that there is no reason for this to happen and craves for social status so that she could be seen as more important than her mental rival – her best friend.Read More

Shakespeare’s day

Sparkish is a type of character, the fop, very popular on the Restoration stage from this time on, because he is not only a half-wit, but also a pretender, one who thinks he is the epitome of fashion at the time. When he meets Horner, Dorilant and Harcourt in ActRead More

Unsympathetic a character

Each character is punished in an appropriate way. Birling fears for his family’s reputation at the inquest; Sheila feels shame for her selfishness; Gerald has his affair revealed in front of Sheila; Mrs Birling has her illusions about the respectability of her family shattered by Eric; and Eric is revealedRead More

Сonsidering each character

This Investment and greed shows he is very satisfied with himself leading him to ignore his guilt of driving Eva Smith to death. At this stage he shows how wealth has made him a “rather Portentous man”, by having a grand toast on a family occasion. Eric doesn’t like thisRead More

Illustrate the character

In the end Mr Bounderby “was to die of a fit in the Coketown Street. ” This is ironic, as he always lied that he was brought up in the gutter, and he died face down in the gutter. The audience get the impression from early on in the novelRead More

Delivered unhappiness

Great Expectations is an exceptional novel by Charles Dickens. It was written in 1860-61 and was published in monthly installments. It proved to be a huge success at the time, which led to it being published as a book. Even before Great Expectation was written Dickens had already become aRead More

To What Extent is Petruchio a Sympathetic Character?

Petruchio first appears in Act I scene ii in a flurry. His servant, Grumio seems to enrage him. In Grumio’s introduction, he plays on words to annoy Petruchio: “Pet. Villain, I say, knock me here soundly. Gru. Knock you here, sir? Why, sir, what am I, sir, that I shouldRead More

The character Inspector Goole

Through the presentation of the character Inspector Goole, how does the audience realise that ‘An Inspector Calls’ by J. B Priestly is a twentieth century morality play? An inspector calls is a play written in the twentieth century, although it is set in 1912. The purpose of the play isRead More


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