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Mild cases

Foetal asphyxia is a potentially serious diagnosis that requires rapid intervention by the obstetric team to prevent neonatal impairment or even foetal demise. Whilst foetal asphyxia may lead to organ ischaemia or even death, as in the case of an adult, it is not necessarily indicative of these outcomes, especiallyRead More

The Crossman Diaries case

The power of conventions to aid constitutional change may therefore be acknowledged from a political standpoint. The case of Attorney General v Jonathan Cape10 suggests that conventions wield little recognition from a legal perspective. In practice, the court’s general attitude towards conventions does in fact reflect badly upon the legalRead More

Hare and the Tortoise

Unlike animals, humans are a strange case of self-conscious beings. We can ask questions about ourselves, we can deliberate about others. We form opinions and judgments about others whereas animals are content on feeding themselves and they do not even ask questions about themselves. This is the primary source ofRead More

Case study on Safeway

The name of my business that I have chosen for my case study is called Safeway. Safeway is one of the leading grocery retailers in the UK, with annual sales of around i?? 9 billion, 90,000 employees and nearly 480 stores nationwide. Their stores attract around 8 million shoppers everyRead More

Air Products Case

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. is a mid-size company that is rooted in three different industries. They are generating income from all three industries and want to continue that upward trend. There are so many new technologies available for Air Products to use to give them competitive advantage. In orderRead More

Homicide case in Manoa

This report described the use of forensic entomological data in examining three homicide cases that occurred in the southern city of Bari, Italy (Introna 211). For all three cases, insects were collected from the victim’s body, which was situated in an open space. The cases involved determination of time ofRead More

Case Studies in Anthropology

In chapter five of the book “The Yanamamo: Case Studies in Anthropology” by Napoleon A. Chagnon deals with political alliances, trading and feasting and how it fits into their culture and practices. Alliances between villages involve casual trading, mutual feasting and the exchange of women. Their power exists with theRead More

Case-Study Research Methodology

A case study is an enquiry which uses multiple sources of evidence. It evaluates a contemporary phenomenon in real life context within the boundaries of the phenomenon and when the context is not clearly evident. Potter, (1996) has defined case study as a “realistic” methodology, which deals with solid andRead More


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