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Evaluation of Interpersonal Behaviour

I am a woman in the young adulthood stage of life according to Erikson (1968), as cited in the Managing Self Development (MSD) Text pg 250. Family has always played an integral role in my life, and being recently married; my priority towards my marital family is increasing. Both myRead More

Biochemistry and Behaviour

Marijuana, although still illegal in most countries, is another widely used drug in today’s society both for medical and recreational reasons. The psychoactive effects of marijuana are largely attributable to a constituent called delta-9-tetrehydrocannabonol as well as over 80 cannabiniods contained in the drug which have roughly the same effectRead More

Organisations and Behaviour

After carrying out a number of time series forecasting methods and deciding which method was the most ‘useful’, I have concluded that Dewhurst would benefit from training their existing employees because they have a fairly constant but low labour Turnover. This will mean that Dewhurst are maximising the returns onRead More

Behaviour modification

Burns (1997) hypothesized an over justification effect which results in the shifting of attributions for behaviour away from interest in the activity to external factors, such as reward. Regardless of the method of measurement of IM, the contention that reward may reduce IM is suggested. Deci (1976) further compounded theRead More

Understanding of Organisational Behaviour

The scientific management movement arose during the first two decades of the twentieth century in the United States, and it is remembered to this day, in terms of the ‘time-and-motion study man’. Its chief exponent was Frederick Winslow Taylor, whose methods were refined and extended by Frank and Lillian Gilbreth,Read More

Meanings of human behaviour

The aim of this literature review is to look at the strengths and limitations of ethnographical research and also look at the origins and applications of this type of research method. Ethnography is a method of research that looks at behaviour and culture of people by observation. It is usedRead More

Stratagies for Tacling Offending Behaviour

‘Cognitive Behavioural programmes would be most effective if delivered alongside partnerships focused on practical ways of tackling the multiple day to day problems from which a high proportion of offenders suffer’. Critically evaluate this statement drawing upon the academic literature, including theory, and your own practice experience. This essay aims toRead More

Cult Behaviour

The fame of Indian Guru called “Sai Baba” has spread among non-Indians all over the world. Millions of devotees are making a trip to Puttaparthi (India), to get his blessings. Unification Church (The Moonies) is one of the well-known cults in the western world. Heaven’s Gate group’s mass suicide depicts the cult behaviour. What is ‘cult’? CultRead More

Investigate the behaviour of pedestrians

If we watch people walking along a street it is noticeable that they very rarely bump into one another. Furthermore, they seem to avoid each other with very little difficulty. This raises the interesting question of how collision avoidance amongst pedestrians is achieved. Several studies have been carried out toRead More

The most important explanations for youth offending behaviour

These youths come home to neighbourhoods with no after school activities or safe places to play so either go out onto the streets as part of gangs or are kept at home in crowded, tiny flats. Again the problem is values; although this time we need to improve the cohesionRead More


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