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The Miller introduces the character of Absolon

In the Miller’s Prologue and tale, Chaucer describes each character in great detail. The Miller is also graphically described to us in the general prologue to the tales. Key characters such as Alisoun, Nicholas and John are all described in detail, and Absolon is no acceptation. This section is important asRead More

The Miller and The Pardoner

Throughout the course of this essay I am going to discuss the extent to which I believe that “Chaucer’s characters are more than photo fits they are real life portraits. ” I feel that this seems to be a very accurate view to The Canterbury Tales. I can not howeverRead More

Arthur Miller

The violence in the play is shocking, mentally and physically; it even makes us think after the play has finished. I think Arthur Miller is trying to make us think about Puritanism is it good or bad. The play includes interesting facts about how sensible people can become completely foolishRead More

What moral does Arthur Miller intend us to take?

Diverse Cultures: A View From The Bridge-How is justice important in the world of the play? What moral does Arthur Miller intend us to take? “Most of the time now we settle for half and I like it better”. Justice, in its many forms is a central theme of A ViewRead More

“The Crucible” is one of Millers most performed plays over the world

The themes and issues in Arthur Millers “The Crucible” reflect the historical and social context in which the play was written. The play was written in 1953, in the middle of the McCarthy political witch-hunt and is set against the backdrop of the mad witch-hunts of the Salem witch trialsRead More

Miller & dramatic

Abigail realises that Tituba has been let off by confessing and Abi wants to be sure that she is not going to be accused of being a witch by anyone. In Abigail’s stage directions it states “she rises and starts as though inspired” Abi then says, “I want to openRead More

The Crucible By Arthur Miller

‘The Crucible’ is a very clever and fascinating play; primarily what makes the play so interesting is the fact that it can be interpreted on two levels. On a more basic stage it is a very dramatic, theatrical and emotional story full of unexpected twists, however on a higher pointRead More

Tragic and enduring

She knows that Eddie does not want her to go to Catherine’s wedding and may get angry with her, but she loves her niece and wants to go. This stage direction is also used by Miller to create atmosphere and show just how much the Carbone’s marriage has broken downRead More

Arthur Miller

The language throughout The Crucible is what Arthur Miller portrayed as seventeenth century. When Miller started to write The Crucible his first source of information were the actual court records in which all the court proceedings are minutely transcribed. In Millers autobiography ‘Timebends’ he says ‘I wanted to study theRead More

‘A view from the bridge’ by Arthur Miller

Consider the importance of Italian loyalty in the play ‘A view from the bridge’ by Arthur Miller. Daniel Bishop In the play ‘A View From The Bridge’ Arthur Miller constantly conveys the extreme moral importance of loyalty towards others, be it strangers or close family in a closely linked Italian-AmericanRead More


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