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Analysis of a Job Advert and My Employability Skills

Organisation Name: Crowne Plaza Hotel Frontline Role: Food and Beverage Assistant Describe the qualifications required: GCSE A-C standard English and Maths, this is essential because you need to be able to simple adding and English is a necessity because you need to be able to read and speak fluent English. To haveRead More

Analysis of various programs

Positivist approach, it looks into the observable data which can be measured. (Brewerton, Millward 2001).Unlike positivist paradigm, phenomenological paradigm cannot gather useful data such as changes in sales figures for further statistical analysis. However it can be used to examine the staff in their working environment and how it affectsRead More

Roswell Documentary Analysis

The ‘Incident At Roswell’ video sells itself as an objective documentary but it is in fact a light entertainment. After analysing this video and other mediums I wonder was ‘Roswell’ just a money making scam? On the evening of July 2nd 1947 a bright light was seen over the smallRead More

SUGA Analysis

When analysing a still an extract from a magazine as an As media studies student it is important that I take the three main key concepts into careful consideration. The three main concepts are; media language, representation and media audiences. It is important to do so as this helps toRead More

The Daily Chronicle

The masthead I have chosen is “The Daily Chronicle”. When I saw the title, it caught my attention immediately I chose it because, I wanted it, to have the same striking effect on my reader that it had on me. In particular, the word “chronicle” looked futuristic. Though it’s futuristicRead More

Depth Structured Textual Analysis

A tabloid is a half sized newspaper, which is particularly suited to a high degree of photographic representation. Characteristics of a tabloid paper such as The Sun would include bold poster style layout and of course cheaper full page advertising and more regular single slots which appeal to advertisers whoRead More

Safety glasses analysis

The surface finish of the glasses and texture is smooth and polished and the shape of the glasses is suitable to the task. However the overall style and image is unattractive and the aesthetic qualities could be greatly improved. This product is well suited to its purpose as the productRead More

Content analysis of a magazine

The magazine that I am analysing is called ‘KERRANG! ‘. When the magazine is first opened there is a contents page. This is very brief but explains what news; features, reviews and regulars are in this week’s issue. This is laid out so it is very easy to read andRead More

Thames Valley Police Poster textual analysis

The Second advertising campaign was issued in 2006/2007 by the origination Trident who produces posters to prevent gun crime. Trident work closely with the charity crime stoppers which help to solve a numerous amount offences across the United Kingdom, furthermore the metropolitan police are also working in support. Project tridentRead More

Analysis of the findings

Qualitative method of study differs from the usual quantitative methods (used in the study of pure sciences) in the sense that it tends to be far more subjective. Being open to qualitative methods of study also allows social scientists to incorporate non-quantitative data (i. e. non-numerical data, such as words,Read More