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An Inspector Calls

Show how the production of “An Inspector Calls” enhanced the script and furthered your understanding of the play. Refer to themes and characters in your analysis. By reading “An Inspector Calls” all I really knew was the story- line and the characters personalities. I knew a lot about the characters becauseRead More

An Inspector Calls

Arthur Birling is head of the family, head of a firm and represents the views of Edwardian Britain. He is a traditionalist and is very pleased with himself but the character of Birling is in direct contrast to that of the Inspector. We as an audience are soon introduced toRead More

An Inspector Calls

The person who seems to have been affected the most, is Mr Birling. We know this as he is the individual who speaks the most, in quite an angry and distressed tone. However, he hasn’t learnt to put his priorities right; he is still focused on future success. He statesRead More

An Inspector Calls

Discuss the guilt of each member of the family. What is the Inspector’s role? Arthur Birling: Talks at people not to people “I don’t often make speeches at you.” self-made man and accidentally show’s his past “Arthur, your not supposed to say such things.” hypocrite, unsympathetic to those less fortunate. Underpaid workers,Read More

Directors notes and stage instructions for An Inspector Calls

Firstly, we have the Stage Instructions to consider. Throughout the play, there is no mention of Inspector Goole’s physical appearance except in the first set of stage instructions when he enters the Birlings’ house. He is said to “need not be a big man but he creates at once anRead More

An Inspector Calls, Act II

An Inspector Calls, by J. B. Priestly, is the story of the visit by an Inspector to an apparently normal family, the Birlings. They are celebrating Sheila Birling’s engagement to Gerald Croft, who is also present, when the Inspector arrives telling them of the suicide of a young girl calledRead More

An Inspector calls by J.B Priestly

This story made me think about how we should help others and showed me the consequences of the family, in this case Eva Smith died because neither the Birlings nor Gerald considered her circumstances or her feelings. J. B Priestly was a socialist and thought that you should look afterRead More

The Act raises the Inspector’s

However, The Inspector’s one word question, “Well? ” at the end of the Act raises the Inspector’s position to that of someone who is all-knowing questioner. This adds to our sense of mystery as to where the Inspector has so much detailed knowledge. The Inspector claims that he girl diedRead More

Why does the Inspector call?

In the mean time the inspector went on saying, “I’m not going until I know all that happened. Eva Smith lost her job with Birling and company because her strike failed and they were determined not to have another one. At last she found another job – under what nameRead More

Who is to blame for Eva Smith’s death?

Gerald Croft is the son of Birling’s business rival. He seems be bright, polite and charming by the first impression. He also hardworking confident man. In Act-two, the Inspector caught Gerald; he was cheating on Sheila. At the time he was with a woman name, Daisy Renton whom was EvaRead More


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