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House For Africa Case

Situation Analysis: Following years of successful operation, Houses For Africa (HFA) has become a leading private producer of the low-income housing in Zimbabwe. In the past, HFA has demonstrated its abilities of successfully negotiating both business and political challenges. However, with the growing pressures from both market and non-market environments,Read More

CPi South Africa

The mission of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) is the “achievement and maintenance of price stability”1. The price stability of goods is maintaining a constant price level for goods and services, not essentially at the same price level but rather at a constant level of price increases, i.e. aRead More

Dryland production systems in Africa

How useful is the concept of desertification to understanding the sustainability of dryland production systems in Africa? “Man is both the cause and victim of desertification; a process which is continuing or even accelerating in Africa…. action is needed now to alleviate the plight of the large populations affected. IfRead More

South Africa

Bottled water is defined as any form of water that is bottled in a sealed container and comes in a variety of forms and sizes (SANBWA 2012). The bottle water industry of South Africa is a ever growing market, in 1997 an association called the South African Bottled water AssociationRead More

Sierra Leone and South Africa

There is no doubt on the potential of the diamond industry to provide benefits and elevate economic and social status of Sierra Leone and South Africa. However, just like in any other industries, problems arise. Perhaps the greatest problem the diamond industry faced was the issue on conflict diamonds. ConflictRead More

The Diamond Industry and Its Impacts on South Africa and Sierra Leone

The Diamond Industry and Its Impacts on South Africa and Sierra Leone Mankind has been captivated by diamonds for centuries. Delicate beauty, magnificence, and eternal traits made diamonds the ultimate representation of love and affection (Diamond Facts. Org, “About Diamonds”). Adding to man’s fascination are the legends and symbolisms associatedRead More

Women In Africa

Women all over the world play a major role in economic, education, health and family structures. In Africa women are known to contribute a lot in the family structure. Traditional, an African woman is in charge of the family up bringing, providing food to the family, catering for the domesticRead More

White Settlers in South Africa

South Africa belongs to a class of societies in which the United States is also included: countries that are products of the wave of expansion unleashed in Western Europe from the fifteenth century onward. It has in common with Brazil and the United States interesting population diversity, immigrants from allRead More

O-zone depletion in Africa

Global warming refers to the increase in the air temperature near the water bodies’ surface and it affects the climatic conditions in various parts of the world causing a lot of climatic changes. O-zone depletion is an effect of global warming and it refers to the destruction of the ozoneRead More


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