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A comparison of two coffee adverts

In this essay I am going to compare the different approaches used by two different advertising campaigns for coffee. The main aims of the advertisements are to sell the products to the public and to encourage brand loyalty. The target audience are important for planning advertising campaigns because the audienceRead More

The media uses adverts

The media uses adverts to make the general public aspire to something. Often adverts make you want something you never thought you’d want. The advertisers technique is to make you remember their advert. The method they use is sometimes by creating a shocking advert or by using fantasy. Fantasy isRead More

Representations of men in lynx and gillette adverts

A study of the representations of men in male cosmetic advertising with specific reference to “Gillette” and “Lynx” adverts Introduction By definition all media texts are re-presentations of reality because all have to be composed in some way by a producer before it gets to an audience. However, representations areRead More

Recent death row adverts

Discuss the controversial nature of Benettons’s advertising campaigns, paying close attention to the Benetton Baby and the David Kirby images, and also the recent death row adverts. I have been asked to write and essay on the controversial acts of Benetton the advertising company. In my essay it will giveRead More


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