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The outset of the advert

The advertisement consists of four sections, about four seconds long. The first three sections do not actually reveal anything to the audience about the product being advertised, nonetheless do give them something to think about to get them involved in the advert. The first section is set in classroom in theRead More

NHS stop smoking advert

I have chosen to write about 4 different adverts, these are the Sony Ericsson W800i mobile phone, Witch face wash, Seeds Of Change pasta sauce and an NHS stop smoking advert. I feel that all of my adverts are very eye-catching but all in their own way. In the Witch advert, theRead More

Sandals and The York Dungeon

The two adverts, Sandals and The York Dungeon are very different though they have the same purpose, to persuade people to visit the place they are advertising. I intend to deconstruct both adverts and compare them. The Sandals advert is very colourful. It has many pictures, mostly of beaches orRead More

Guitars and anti smoking adverts

This ad is using the testimonial technique by using Emeka Okafor (rookie of the year 2005) a famous basketball player. He is a pro for three years. From the day he joined and till now he is an unstoppable player. By looking at the picture of Emeka Okafor he looksRead More

Skechers advert

The Live advert takes up the whole page apart from the border at the bottom with the company name, “Schwarzkopf” on it. The effect of this is that they want the company name to stand out as well as the product and to be separate from the product. The Skechers advertRead More

The advert the lyrics start

When listening to the advert the lyrics start to overlap in the second chorus with the first verse. However you can hear the words “Coca-Cola” and Coke clearly and frequently. It even manages to blend the first line and the penultimate line to create “I’d like to buy Coca-Cola” ThisRead More

Advert a website link

There is also a description of how the product works which always encourages people. The background is bright orange under white font so the advert really stands out – also orange is quite a cheerful colour so this is giving a positive subliminal message. At the bottom of the advertRead More

The Malibu adverts

These variables will affect the answer, as each person is different so these variables help to conclude an answer for each person. Examples of how advertising leads people into debts are : 1. ) QVC and other shopping channels tell you the product is useful and is needed. They advertiseRead More

Max Steel advert

The focus in both adverts stays sharp throughout usually. In the “Nancy” advert when the doll is shown with the girls face the camera slowly focuses out to give the girls face a more beautiful complexion with blemish free skin. This could possibly make the child think that’s what theyRead More

A comparison of two television adverts

Television is the most important medium for advertising, and advertising is a vital component of traditional TV business models. It has always been difficult to assess the benefits of TV advertising as advertisers have traditionally had only a vague idea of who may have seen a particular advert and theRead More


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