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Sympathy for Candy

The word “faced” means that he didn’t Just turn his head he wanted to face the wall so nobody could see his reaction. He would also not like to be seen sad. Lay’ is a another word which I have included in the quote which makes you think that candy was calm and didn’t rustle in bed. This all adds to the sympathy as you feel sorry for him because he doesn’t want to be seen sad and also doesn’t want to be seen as weak or not seen crying. All the adjectives are very calm and relaxing and don’t give the sense of despair and sadness. You also feel sorry for him as he has had a terrible accident and has had his hand cut off “I ant much good with only one hand” this also creates sympathy as he himself is acknowledging that he isn’t of much use.

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It could also mean that no one around the ranch cares about his accident. This is sad as he was once a useful and now he is isolated from the rest because all the others are fit and healthy and he is crippled. He has low hopes until Leonie and George tell him about their plan. ” ‘Cause I anti got no relatives nor nothing” this is another quote to make you sympathies for candy as it states that he has no family to leave money for so he can give the money to them to fulfill the “American dream” of George and Leonie.

This is sad knowing what candy has been through and what he thinks of himself. Furthermore, another language device Steinbeck uses in the passage to present candy is adjectives. There are a variety of them used such as “reassures” and “safe” in order to describe candy’s feelings. The fact that candy feels “safe” around George implies that he is perhaps hesitant to talk to other ranch men as they usually disrespect him and don’t listen to his opinions. Structure The structure in this section is very peculiar as it starts with something good e. . Candy gets very interested in George and Lien’s plan and consequently the mood goes from Joyful to depressing as he then is faced with the problem of how they are going to face the price. We also have large paragraphs of information that are parsed out throughout the whole chapter to give us a detailed description of what’s happening at the time and place. This adds sympathy as we get a bucket load of very good information on how to Feel for candy.

Firstly we have lots of dialogue throughout the occurrence of candy’s dog about to get put down and then we have a long description of what’s happening around candy and how they are making him feel better as they are diverting the sympathy. And then we get a description of what candy does in reply, “only candy continued to stare at the ceiling” this shows that after the description lengthy ententes to show that things are happening really quickly for candy and that he can barely keep up but it can also mean the events are happening quickly but candy doesn’t show any signs of weakness he manages to keep calm and not cry.

One of these sentences is “a shot sounded in the distance” Techniques The techniques the author uses vary a lot during the section. The author uses metaphors such as “it came out of the night and invaded the room” this metaphor suggest that the silence from the outdoors made its way into the room and it also seems like the sadness that was made by shooting the dog also entered the room.

The author also uses an oxymoron as in the paragraph above is says “silent” and right underneath I has “noisily’ these are two are antonyms which are used to make the reader show sympathy for candy as one second everything is silent and the next it is noisily but candy does nothing as for the following lines it doesn’t mention anything about candy Joining in. This shows us that candy is really depressed and that his dog should have been killed, if he wanted by candy. We also see pathetic fallacy we get the description of the “he led the dog out into the darkness”.

This wows u that the author has used the weather “darkness” to give us an idea of what is going to happen or occur, this is also a use of foreshadowing. The darkness represents that something is going to happen and because darkness is black and black is a negative color we get this impression. Another technique the author leaves out is leaving out information as it make us think of things that are happening and to make us believe that something is happening and also to leave it to our imagination. This normally makes us think of what Candy is thinking or what he feels and we sympathies as we are not given the information.


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