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“Sweet Heat” I think back and visualize the days of Bonnie and Clyde in the early sass’s and reminisce about the first V powered vehicles driven during that era. That vision is what comes to mind when taking a drive with my father in his Ford street rod, “Sweet Heat”. “Sweet Heat” is a 1931 original steel Ford Sport Coupe that has been converted to a street rod powered by a Z 350 cubic inch 1400 Horsepower General Motors crate engine. The name “Sweet Heat” was derived from the hot new engine sounds ND the visual of the pickle fork flames that were painted symmetrically on both the hood and car body.

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The visions of red, yellow, orange, and purple flames are long lasting, and a sense of the heat generated from the engine warms and surrounds me. I admire its exterior, as I rub my hand along the eight shiny coats of lacquer and clear coat paint. The car’s Jet black surface is deep and reflective. The drive train and chassis are painted Coca Cola red as is the 1931 Ford classic grill shell, that all add to he completeness of the total renovation with visual effects. “Sweet Heat”, is one sweet ride that combines the old classic car look with many modern technology upgrades to include: automatic transmission, disc brakes, air conditioning, stereo remote sound system, custom red leather pleated interior, and a fully updated suspension system were also added. On entry, the sweet scent of leather seating and interior is unmistakable. The luxurious leather seats are soft and smooth and smell like a new horse saddle. Now, buckled in with the windows down, Dad turns the starter key and sparks the ignition.

The engine emits a deep, low level rumble followed by a roar, which sounds similar to the start of a major racing event. The sound and smell of “Sweet Heat” exudes from the exhaust. We speed off down the long country road and embark on our Journey and weekend adventure. “Sweet Heat” has won many trophies at community car shows and is recognized by hot rod and muscle car owners, as well as original sass Model “A” owners, as a sweet ride ND well done restoration.

When one starts with a classic 82-year-old, totally restored car, then adds a father-daughter weekend family tradition, the end result is a lifetime of memories. Trips to the park, multiple car shows, and Just cruising neighborhood towns were part of my growing up weekends. As we passed pedestrians, motorcycles, cars and bike riders, a thumbs up sign of appreciation was usually given to show delight of seeing a car from the past. Sweet Heat By cadmium


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